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Did You Know In Malaysia You Can Be Sued For Leaving The Company’s WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp is probably the most common, effective way to communicate these days. But sometimes, having too many conversations or WhatsApp groups can affect your quality of life as well. It’s a common trend now, for companies to create WhatsApp groups among employers and employees. However, one can’t deny that this can sometimes get pretty overwhelming, […]

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Research Shows Women Perform Better in Warmer Workplace.

Published on 22 May in academic journal PLOS One, a study looked at the differences in the effect of temperature on cognitive performance by gender. “People invest a lot in making sure their workers are comfortable and highly productive,” lead author of the study Tom Chang said in a press statement by the University of Southern California. “This […]

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Intel, Google, Microsoft and Many More Join in Trump’s Huawei Ban.

Huawei’s bad weekend is turning worse as more and more American tech companies are all falling in line with a US government edict banning them from doing business with the company. Bloomberg now reports that Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom, three of the world’s leading chip designers and suppliers, are cutting off their dealings with Huawei, […]

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Donald Trump Banned US Tech Companies From Trading with HUAWEI.

The current President of the United States (US) Donald Trump’s move to effectively ban Chinese telecommunications firms from doing business with American companies. However, industry experts said this move is going to impact both the nations and the global tech industry alike. Huawei and ZTE have been added to the “Entity List (Black List)” from […]

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The Major 6 Business Benefits of OKRs Based on HUAWEI’s Survey.

In 2017, Huawei conducted a performance management satisfaction survey and found that: The satisfaction of the teams running OKR in each dimension of performance management is higher than that of the teams using traditional performance management methods. Track your progress toward your goals using the world’s best goal setting method, OKR! Trusted and used by […]

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HUAWEI Gave Up on KPI, Took OKR To Reach Business Success. Why?

OKR is the management method advocated by former Intel CEO Grove. In 2019, it was the first year of the transformation of the HUAWEI organization, and it was fully introduced into OKR management. Track your progress toward your goals using the world’s best goal setting method, OKR! Trusted and used by people like Bill Gates, […]

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