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10 ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Feng Shui For More Business

One of the best thing about being an entrepreneur is the ability to call the shots in your business. It is solely driven on your shoulder. You have control over your decisions and choice but, that’s also one of the greatest risk which means  you’re responsible for all the decisions. This is where you need some ‘black magic’ to step up and be ahead of your competitions.The ‘black magic’ here is Feng Shui (though Feng Shui isn’t really black or magic).


So, what is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It teaches how the placement of objects can  balance the flow of positive energy around you so that you can be at the most productive and prosperous. The literal translation for the Chinese words “feng” and “shui” are “wind” and “water.” It is through wind and water that chi flows through nature and the universe. Chi should not be impeded but balanced so that any negative forms (sha chi or “poisoned arrows”) may be offset with positive adjustment.

Yin and Yang is both a symbol and belief of natural opposing yet complementary forces that allows a harmonious universe to exist. Nothing can be totally yin or yang; there will always be at the least a miniscule amount of one in the other. Yin, the black side, is characterized as weak, passive, dark, cold, winter and female; Yang, the white side, is characterized as strong, active, bright, warm.

So, now ask yourself:  Do you want your business to be more prosperous? Want your workplace to be also be more harmonious? How would you like to think more clearly and be more productive? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might want to consider the use of Feng Shui.

But how can you put feng shui to work as an entrepreneur?

In Feng Shui, plants are symbol of life and growth. They draws in great postive energy

Worry not. I’ve put together A list of ways that feng shui can help generate more flow  and that means more success and more sales for you.

  1. Play with Red – Want more clients? Use red folders. Chinese belief red to be a symbol pride and wealth. Plus, red in general is a very sexy and attractive color. So, when you get a client, label the file and add a Chinese coin to energize the folder for wealth theirs and yours!
  2. Clear the ClutterAccording to feng shui, work performance and business wealth can be increased by decluttering and establishing order on your desk. Productive chi cannot flow if all the stuff on your desk is blocking its movement and cluttering up your mind. So, take everything off your desk and clean up any cluttered areas around it. Put back only items that are used everyday, and papers on your desk must be limited to those for one project only. Other items and papers should be placed elsewhere like in drawers, racks and so on.
  3. Surround Yourself With the Greens – Live plants and flowers bring many positive elements into the workplace. Aside from their natural beauty, they improve air quality, unite us with the natural world outside, and their green color encourages personal and business growth. Avoid any cactus or plants with sharp-looking leaves as these as can cause fear or stress .To bring their positive influences, plants and flowers must be healthy and flourishing. If a plant dies, remove it and replace it with another. Keep in mind it better to have a silk plant than none at all. Just be sure to keep it dusted and vibrant-looking.
  4. Aim at the East- In the practice of feng shui, the happiness, success and prosperity you have in your business life is greatly influenced by the position of your desk. The optimal position is one in which your desk is very the sunrise, which is the east side. The eastern side of your room is where your health and wealth grow so position your desk there.
  5. Water brings the cashflow – Water is the most powerful symbol of money in feng shui. Its sparkling chi energy is beneficial for your health and prosperity but care must be taken to keep water fresh and clean. Scaled-down fountains that are designed for a desk or small table are a good choice if space is limited. Another great choice is either a fish tank or aquarium. Consider including goldfish in your tank as gold is a Chinese symbol for money and is thought to attract it. Another great way to incorporate water into your business is the use of any artifact that depicts water
  6. Home is Office too-  Feng shui promotes the importance of keeping business and personal life separate when you have a home office. An outside separate entrance to your office is optimal. If not possible, a room near the front or back door of the house or apartment is best.Flat ceilings promote the flow of chi and are best; otherwise hang wind chimes from cathedral or sloped ceilings to offset sha chi. Enhance your personal chi and your professional appeal by dressing well and taking care of your overall health, hygiene and appearance. Resist the urge to work at home while unshowered or adorned in your sweats or pajamas. 

    Having a clean, simple and coordinated office helps brings in the wealth and joy

  7. Feng Shui your website-  Yes, feng shui can even be applied to bytes and pixels! If often see businesses that have websites whose colors conflict, such as red and silver, green and beige, or green and yellow. These are color combinations that fatigue visitors, meaning the website is less sticky and more likely to be abandoned and with fewer repeat visitors. That’s because these color combinations make your website work against itself and that gets you nowhere. Select feng shui compatible color combinations like blue, black, and white or yellow.
  8. Beauty pays you–  If you’re a work at home entrepreneur, chances are you may have a less than inspiring work area. Invest in your office and make it attractive, organized, and functional. Having a beautiful work space is motivating and encourages creativity. When you are surrounded by beauty and inspiring views, objects, or artwork, you are more likely to think creatively, come up with new approaches to your business, and be more productive and that makes you more money.
  9. Believe in the Power of One- One is the number of opportunity and money iin feng shui. There is probably one thing that you could do to instantly make a difference in your business. What is it? For some, it would be to create that first product, for others it would mean publishing your book, and for others it might be making sales calls. But, chances are you know the one thing that’s standing in the way of your success. Get to work on just that one thing.
  10. Understand the Bagua Map- The feng shui bagua map is one of the main tools to analyze the energy of a certain space. Bagua is the feng shui energy map of your environment that shows you which areas your office, desk or home are connected to specific areas of your life. Stand inside your office with your back to the front door. Now look straight in front of you. The section of your house in the far right corner is the relationship zone. The part in the far left corner is the money sector. And work yourself around the map. This works the same with your desk.

In conclusion, to truly obtain a full and deep education and understanding of feng shui can take years. Visit your local bookstore or library to learn more about this age-old practice that has been enjoyed by faithful followers for thousands of years. Whether you are a novice or a master, there are many applications you can effect to encourage good “feng shui” and in turn affect your work environment, workers and wealth in a beneficial way.

You can use the principles of this ancient technique to help you draw more clients to you, create a harmonious business that attracts business, and builds a financial foundation for your life that gives you more control, greater freedom and feeling of personal achievement.