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12 Whip Smart Ways to Get Your Content on Front Page Of Google by Increasing Your Click Through Rate.

12 Whip Smart Ways to Get Your Content on Front Page Of Google by Increasing Your Click Through Rate.



CTR is ratio of how often the people that sees your ads actually click into it. It can also be use a gauge to see the performance of your ads and coherence of your keywords.

Each of your ads and keywords have their own CTRs. A high CTR is a good indication that users find your ads helpful and relevant.

Ad CTRs aren’t exclusive to the ones which appear on search engine results.

Banner ads also have CTR measured but generally, their CTR is not higher than 1% which reduces the effectiveness for using them.

Hence, most marketers have avoided using banner ads.


CTR is calculated by dividing the number of time people click into your ad to the number of times your ad is shown (impression).

For example, if you had 5 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 5%.



1. Indicates which ads and keywords which are attracting the most people.

You can analyze the behavior of the people clicking your ads in the search engine results through the CTR. You can see which of the ads are being clicked on the most and which keywords are producing the best results. That way, you can change your SEO campaign to work what the people like and want.

2.Boost up your SEO ranking.

Google uses backlinks along with number of click your content get on their website to rank pages. So, a combination of high external and internal clicks will boost SEO ranking.

3. Reduce the Cost per Click .

The higher your CTR is for a particular keyword, the cheaper Google will make your cost per click. That way, you don’t have to pay as much as you used to which drastically reduce the money you spend on the campaign. Lower costs means a higher ROI.

4. Save money by improving the CTR for a particular keyword.

The higher you rank on the keyword, the cheaper you can buy it for. You should keep this point in mind the next time you are bidding for keywords. As you can see, the cost of your campaign will come down substantially if you simply improve your click through rate.


So, here’s are THE TOP 10 WAYS YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR CTR, which guarantees the most coveted Google Front Page spot!


  1. Use ad extensions as it create more visibility. Google themselves recommended ad extensions to increase your CTR.
  2. Put your special offers, discounts and so on in your headline because it the first and sometimes only thing people read.
  3. Create eccentric ad copy, message, and design to  create curiosity because people will only clicks on your ad if it is engaging and intriguing.
  4. Focus on just one strong primary keyword. It helps in attracting more qualified traffic.
  5. Experiment different types of fonts, numbers, images and just test your ad to figure out what works and what not.
  6. Utilize your main keyword by placing it in your URL to reach a more targeted niche market.
  7. Add a full stop to the end of your description line. The full stop helps  scoop that line into the headline when your ad appears in the Google search list.
  8. Use countdown timers in your ad to generate urgency. This creates the fear of missing out which helps in getting more people to click on your ads.
  9. Write ads that appeal to your target audiences’ desire because people don’t click on ads to just  buy something, they want to a solution hence the emotional approach always payoff.
  10. Tap your audience ideas and preferences and leverage on those opportunities as it helps you understand your market better.
  11. Tie calls to action to the idea of appealing to the customer’s desire. Like using testimonials, past reviews, bonus offers for an emotional payoff
  12. Use strong and active verbs in your headline as they are more eye catching and persuasive.