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4 Simple Ways To Transform Your Workplace to A Happy Place.

A happy working environment attracts good people and helps people who work for you to do the best for your company.

As long as the company strives, it is very important that employees see their daily lives and their colleagues who work with you in a positive way.

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The happier your employees, the better your workplace. This kind of feeling comes from loving your job. With a little love and a little elbow grease, you can maximize your team’s happiness.

There are many things you can do to create a sustainable happy workplace. Here are some ways to get started:

1. Greet everyone at work

Check periodically at the office and see how it is all working.

Ask your employees how weekends are and make sure that anyone in need of help with on-going projects gets it.

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Have daily hurdles, weekly meeting, regular lunch sessions together.

With OKR methodology, office starts routinely with a greeting,

OKR will help improves engagement among the team and eventually lead to a good mood and vibe.

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2. Promote well-being at work

Since well-being adapts to people’s daily lives, business professionals not only hope but also expect their employers to offer health care practices at the workplace.

This shows your team that you want them to live happily, healthy lifestyles is another way to show them how important they are to your business.

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Use feedback as a mini-mentoring tool such as OKR.

With OKR methodology, you can use of constructive criticism and positive affirmation to eliminate confusion and demonstrate how an employee’s behaviour fits into the company’s ultimate outcome.

The key to effective feedback is regular communication.

3. Start an Individual Development Plan

An individual development plan like OKR, helps employees’ careers and personal development.

Its main objective is to help employees achieve their short and long-term goals and improve their business performance.

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This shows that you have taken your individual investments seriously and keeping everyone on the same basis as you achieve customized goals.

OKR is the ultimate method for individual and company growth.

4. Focus on the positive

Many workplaces are considered negative because they are reviewing what doesn’t work.

OKR methodology, on the other hand, provides measurable results that can help you see your progress for yourself.

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If you are doing well and on track, OKR motivates you to do better. If you are not reaching your goal then OKR let you see what is wrong and fix the flaw.

You should never ignore what needs to be improved.

With OKR,  you’ll find the right thing only when you look for the good. If you search for the bad, everything will look bad.

Derek Huether is a system planner who help people and businesses get better outcomes using OKR methodlogy.

So, there those are the 4 simple ways to create a happy and positive workplace using the Objective and Key Result (OKR) methodology.

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It has helped big companies such as Google, Airbnb, Twitter to reach autonomy and certainly with our guidance you too can apply OKR methodology in your company and reach your goal in no time!

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