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6 Qualities Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Athletes.

Elite athletes possess skills that any entrepreneur worth their salt should have.

The free market is more complex and uncertain than a cricket pitch but the similarities do contribute to learning.  

Here are these skills.

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1. Ability to Deal with Pressure and Competition

Athletes face pressure and competition on a daily basis.

They keep improving their performance in training and on the field.

It is an important skill set to have today with new competitors entering your domain and the sector facing constant disruptions.

A great rival shouldn’t cause fear; they should instead become an inspiration to enhance your game.

2. Pushing Boundaries and Being Proactive

Sportspeople always look at pushing their limits and build their experience. They always want to perform better than before.

They are proactive about looking for tools that will help them excel.

They set goals, put in the hours, try to consistently improve their personal best scores and work fiercely to grab that gold medal.

3. Quick Thinking and Problem Solving

Sportspersons often find themselves in different situations and they tackle unique scenarios that demand them to think on their feet.

Their quick thinking and problem-solving training make sure they triumph every curveball life throws at them.

Entrepreneurs have to be in constant firefighting mode.

4. Learning from Failure, Injury and Adversity

Failure defines the strength of character. For sportspeople, wins and losses are temporary.

They prepare themselves knowing that they will face failure, adversity and injuries that can derail their career.

They have to face many roadblocks just like entrepreneurs. They too have to raise money for sponsorship.

They often face defeat and take it on the chin.

Sportspeople are humble and modest in the face of adversity. They learn a lot because they deal with a lot.

Real entrepreneurs hold themselves accountable for their mistakes and weaknesses.

5. Having a Passion for What You Do

Sportspersons dedicate their life to a sport they’re passionate about.

The same is required for business.

You have to replicate that passion and bring it to your work every day.

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Talent is not enough to put you on the map, only a strong work ethic and working on your craft every day with laser-sharp focus can do that.

There are no two ways about what discipline can help you achieve in life.

Good entrepreneurs don’t hesitate in disrupting historical direction and etiquette in favour of shaking things up.

6.  Building Strong Teamwork

In any team sport, coaches and trainers find out the strengths and weakness of every player and assign them tasks and their role in a system.

When all the cogs in a machine do their best, the greater good for the whole industry is achieved. Nothing teaches teamwork more than sports.

You cannot build an empire by yourself. The teammates and colleagues you choose will dictate how your business crosses the finish line.

There is evidence to back it up. Research shows the correlation between team cohesion and success.

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