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6 Tips To Improve Your Paid Facebook And Google Ads For Events.

6 Tips To Improve Your Paid Facebook And Google Ads For Events.

The best possible way for event promotion is paid advertising strategy. This is because paid ads ables you to receive sales report quick and accurate. It doesn’t matter how many ads are blocked or ignored if your conversions and ROI reach your goals. Up against their own deadline to sell tickets, along with similar events or events held on the same day, events have to stay competitive in promoting and marketing. So, here are the six tips to improve your paid Facebook and Google Ads when promoting events:

1. Monitor and update your ad campaign frequently.

Unlike most products or services, events are always racing against the clock. With a months or weeks from announcing the event to event day, it’s worth investing your time into your paid ad campaign while you can. Every day counts and your results will grow the more you can monitor, update, and adjust your campaign.

2. Leverage lead times instead of creating a sense of urgency.

It’s vital to take advantage of the lead time before your event. If an event is pricey, it’ll take more consideration from potential attendees before they invest their time and money. They have to organize with their friends, consider their budget, as well as other events they rather go to that day or with that money. This means the earlier you start leading potential attendees through your sales funnel, the better This the longer lead time leads to more real-time data, letting you further improve your campaign as you get closer to your deadline.

3. Remarket your event couple of time as a reminder.

With urgency driving both you to sell tickets and potential attendees to buy them, remarketing is invaluable. If you’re not familiar with this, remarketing through Facebook Pixel which includes Instagram and Google Ads lets you display ads to people who’ve already shown interest in your event. With many interested people not wanting to commit yet or just waiting till the last minute to book, a few reminders could be the tipping point on making the sale. And that sale could involve them finally convincing their group of friends to grab tickets too.

4. Keep ads varied but branding consistent.

This means your ads could be appearing on Facebook, Instagram, or as banner ads through Google. They could also use a variety of copy, images, graphics, or video. This mix is important to reach people wherever they are on the internet, while also not feeling repetitive. Whatever the placement, ad type, or visuals, the viewer should instantly know it’s for the same event. Even if they don’t fully absorb the ad message, they subconsciously register the reminder.

5. Gather your own campaign data.

There are tons of general stats you can find on when, where, and how to run paid ad campaigns, but nothing is as valuable as building your own campaign data. Frequent monitoring and updates will give you the strongest data set during a campaign, which will lead to an even stronger follow-up event. If your events repeat once or several times a year, there is no excuse to not learn more about your audience and improve your results each time.

6. Supplement with social media giveaways.

Giveaways are a quick and easy way to drive engagement to organic social media posts and are also perfect to combine with a promoted social post or ad. If tickets aren’t selling, you could consider tactics that don’t reduce the perceived value of your event. For example, instead of reducing ticket prices, offer a deal on group purchases, a giveaway, or a discount on a upsell. If you have a long lead time with pricier tickets, you could launch with a discount, with early buyers helping to promote by telling their friends they’re going or sharing on social media. A promoted social post will get you fast exposure to your targeted group that an organic post wouldn’t. Then with the giveaway encouraging shares, likes, and/or comments to enter, you’ll reach an exponential amount of potential sales. A banner ad mentioning a giveaway can drive more clicks, potentially moving people closer to buying than they would without a giveaway.   TO IMPROVE YOUR COMPANY’S MARKETING STRATEGY AND BOOST SALES, DO CHECK OUT WMA. An organization that committed to empowering people with the right financial education, knowledge and proven skills in order for individuals to attain financial freedom.