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8 of The Most Eco- Friendly Companies in Malaysia.

Hey, how’s your day coming along? Is it sweltering outside? Well, it is over here at our office, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any cooler anytime soon.

We all know the reason why the earth is getting hotter and hotter is because of global warming, which is caused by our actions.

Thankfully, there are companies that are not only concerned about making money but also the future of our planet.

So today, we want to recognize them and feature them in our top 8 list of green companies with green initiatives in Malaysia.

1. DiGi

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to protect the earth, DIGI has launch ‘Digi Sustainability’ program.

Their strategy involves swapping old equipment with newer, more energy-efficient ones and reducing air-conditioning in the radio base stations, among others.

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It is also involved in the Mangrove-saving Project, where the goal is to stop the destruction of mangrove forests in Kuala Selangor. We say Kudos to DiGi!

2. Sime Darby

Sime Darby realizes the importance of trees in our environment.

Therefore, despite inevitable deforestation for housing and development, they are aware of the implications and have chosen to offset that with the Plant A Tree Program.

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They have pledged to plant one tree for every cut. In total, under the Sime Darby Plant-A-Tree project, more than 1.5 million trees are already planted under four major projects more than 10 years ago.

Sime Darby also invests time and money to nurture seedlings of rare and endangered species at their gene bank in Carey Island. Plant a tree, save the future, we say!

3. Shell Malaysia

This oil and gas company has a program called the Shell Sustainable Development (SD) Grants Programme, which gives out RM300,000 to fund sustainable projects in the community.

This grant is given to their various environmental-preservation organization.

Their efforts include mangrove replanting and coastal conservation, environmental education activities for pre-schoolers, Stunggang Forest rehabilitation project, pygmy sea-horse conservation, dugong conservation, among others.

Here how you too can be part of their sustainable programme.

4. Panasonic Malaysia

Panasonic has come up with a range of green products which is energy-efficient.

They are now promoting the inverter technology, which adjusts the power output of various electronic devices and reduces the total consumption of energy by as much as 20% in refrigerators and as much as 50% in air conditioners.

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It also uses almost no lead in its products, thus when the parts are recycled, very little lead is released to the environment.

Panasonic is also striving to conserve natural resources through efficient use of electricity, water and paper.

Panasonic also sends a team once a year to the coast of Terengganu to clean the ocean and build artificial reefs to encourage the growth of coral.

5. Malaysia Airlines

Everyone knows that flying is not good for the environment. MAS has however taken steps to help diminish this problem.

It has strived to reduce fuel consumption by flying more direct routes at the most economical speed, practising continuous descent approaches and flying lighter and cleaner aircraft to improve fuel efficiency.

They have also introduced the carbon-offsetting scheme. Passengers on MAS may choose to make a contribution which will help fund selected United Nations-sanctioned programmes to protect rainforests in Malaysia.

6. Canon Malaysia

Last year, Canon Malaysia launched the Canon Goes Green Campaign. Under this campaign, the company planted a tree for every photo submitted to it by the public.

Canon pledged to plant 2,500 trees to enrich the green lung at Padang Kota Damansara.

Previously, Canon has also given out discount vouchers to consumers who recycle used toners and ink cartridges by disposing of them in Canon Recycle Bins dispersed across the Klang Valley.

7. Aeon Co (M) Bhd

Aeon Co., which owns the JUSCO chain of supermarkets, is making a conscious effort to go green.

As part of its green agenda, Aeon has launched a campaign to encourage JUSCO customers to say no to plastic bags and instead use reusable shopping bags or bags.

They have set an example by reducing the usage of plastic bags in their supermarkets and general merchandise sections.

Jusco also started using business cards made from recycled paper.

8. HP Malaysia

HP’s green efforts include recycling the equivalent of 600 jumbo jet airliners and designing energy-efficient, environmentally sound products, services and operations.

Together with World Wildlife Fund-US, HP aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from HP operating facilities worldwide.

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HP also educates and inspires others to adopt best practices, and use HP technology in conservation efforts around the world.

For its commitment and efforts, Fortune Magazine voted HP an environmentally responsible ‘Green Giant’.

To A Cooler Planet.

So, folks, there’s your top eight for the day. We hope you are inspired and encouraged in some way to start living a greener lifestyle.

Remember, you don’t have to take huge strides to change the world. Little baby steps help too in saving the world from getting too hot!

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