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Child Labor: The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry.

No Beauty Routine Is Worth A Brush With Child Labour.

Makeup has become an important part of most people’s life. It’s a form of self-expression that many take a lot of pride in.

For many buying cruelty-free makeup is a no-brainer as we don’t want the colours and pigments on my face to be smeared and tested on an animal first.

We don’t want to be responsible for an animal’s suffering. Makeup should be fun  not cruel.

Yes for Animal Cruelty Free, What About Children Cruelty Free Products?

I found out that the “animal cruelty-free” products we are using might not be cruelty free for children.

That’s because a sparkly pigment in makeup products called mica (the one that gives all our highlighters, eye shadows and nail polishes that pretty iridescent sheen) is mined in mostly unregulated, unsafe conditions where labour laws are not enforced.

According to the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations, 25%  of the world’s mica is sourced from Jharkhand and Bihar, India.

In these two states, 22,000 children work in mica mines. Some of them are as young as four or five.

In 2016 an investigation by Reuters revealed that seven children had been killed in mica mines in India in just two months.

Their deaths were quietly covered up so that the industry could continue to profit from child labor.

I felt betrayed. All this time, I thought I was making kind choices, when in reality, I could have been fuelling an industry that harms and even kills child labourers.

So, What We Do To Help STOP THIS!

A child working in Mica Mine in India.

Be more conscious of what the products that you use.

According to research center DanWatch, 12 out of 16 international cosmetic companies don’t disclose where their mica comes from, but 7 of them support standards that include combating child labor according to their official communication.

Brands that have been linked to India’s mica mines include

  • L’oreal’s (Maybelline, Lancôme, Garnier, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Kiehls, Urban Decay)
  • Estée Lauder,
  • MAC,
  • Rimmel,
  • Bobbi Brown,
  • Clinique,
  • Too Faced,
  • Schwartzkopf,
  • Intercos,
  • Sun Chemicals,
  • Tesco,
  • Asda,
  • BMW, Vauxhall, and Audi (as mica is also used to make glitter car paint).

These companies are known as the biggest buyers in the area (and supply to the other companies listed above), and regularly source unethical mica.

There’s More To Ethical Beauty Than Cruelty-Free.

Beauty shouldn’t be cruel. Let’s start the conversation to make sure it isn’t. Share the news and spread awareness about  ‘Mica’ Free.

You too can help save a child from dying in the attempts to make you look shimmery.