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Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform. It has 2.2 billion active users with 1.45 billion users everyday. Do the math, you can see quarter of the world population uses Facebook every month. If that is not a solid enough reason to market yourself in Facebook then I do not know what is. Facebook has now became part of our daily live and it is inevitable. Apart from being the biggest platform to connect people from across the world, Facebook is also the heart of advertising. It has become extremely beneficial to manage company. However, there are certainly unwritten rules when it comes to marketing in Facebook. Master this and you can master the art of marketing in Facebook.  

Let’s starts with the Do’s.

  1. Do know you audience – This the basic yet most important part of marketing. Know who your target audience and aim for them. Having a broad audience range does not really work in favor especially if you are trying to sell a product or service. Instead, understand the group of people you are targeting and works towards getting their attention. Facebook, in this case is very handy because it offers extremely functional targeting option.Make sure to use full use of them.
  2. Do include Landing pages-  What are landing pages? Landing pages are website which serves as an entry point to another website. Facebook has always been keen in helping self owned businesses to brand themselves. Landing pages is a great way for your audiences to learn more about your company or product and increases the potential of possible customers.
  3. Do include call to action- Your content is the key to attract potential customer but just words is not going to help. You need to engage with your audience and try to get them to subscribe or buy your product. Facebook has lots of options for these such as creating a voter poll, urging customer to sign up or donate and you can even sell or advertise your products.

Now let’s look at the Don’ts.

  1. Don’t include too much texts- Even though, Facebook does not have a word limit but no one likes to anything online with too many words. Facebook is lighthearted platform hence the content and marketing there has to be something the viewers like. Instead of words you can swap with a video or image and make it more interesting.
  2. Don’t neglect mobile users- Most marketers tend to forget this but bear in mind most Facebook users are mobile users hence make sure your content is mobile friendly.
  3. Don’t mislead people- This is a big mistake and can potentially cause you to lose lots of viewers and buyers. Be clear and direct rather than draggy and confusing.
  These are some of the most common do and don’t of Facebook yet most people get it wrong. Always remember it is the small details that matters. So, make sure to take note of all the little details of the page and do not overdo it with too much or too less information. Hopefully, this was helpful.