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6 Major Business Lessons We Can Learn From McDonald’s

  Don’t think any other company can be a better example of business management at a massive scale then McDonald’s management. It is almost impossible to go down a street in any major city in the world today without spotting the iconic yellow logo set against a solid red background that represents McDonald’s. Whether you are a regular customer at McDonalds or not, here are 5 business lessons you can learn from them.

1. Maintain A Consistent Brand Image To Build Trust.

People inherently trust brands. One of best ways to ensure a strong and memorable  brand is through consistent visual cues. For example, McDonald’s has franchises all around the world and yet wherever you go, you know you are in a McDonald’s.

Mc Donald’s branches around the world.

Every aspect of that experience for example from the logo to the wrapper (except the language) will be consistent regardless of where you are. This attention to detail on such a mammoth scale intensify brand values. These also act as a beacon amongst the clutter of modern life, and a mental shortcut for customers.

2. Understand Your Customers.

For example, McDonalds localize their menu for a nation’s tastes.

Example of Mc Donald’s menu from around the world.

Salad bars in Italy, sea food options in Hong Kong, Nasi Lemak burger, variety of spices in India and a shrimp wrap in Japan. They are successful in this because McDonald’s knows their customer base, and rather than shying away from marketing for all concept they have embraced it. Your customer base is probably more defined than McDonald’s but the lesson is valid, the more you understand about your customers, the easier it is to market to them. Rather than focusing one group of target audience, they have managed to go for them all in under a minute.

3. Target One Group of People At A Time.

 McDonalds target is to reach to all but they do not use the same marketing strategy for all. For example, toys, gifts, colours, happy-meals specially created for young consumer to make McDonald’s the favourite brand.

Example of a classic Mc Donald’s Happy Meal set.

Their taglines also differ to cater different consumers’ needs. Like ‘Meet with a friend’ for young adults. ‘Quick snack, Drive Thru’ for busy working people’ A gluttonous feast at 4am after a night out’ for night owls. By focusing one group of target audience, they have managed to go for them all in under a minute.

4. Adapt To The Changes In The Marketplace.

Two of the biggest challenges McDonald’s has faced in recent years has been criticism of the quality of their food and a change in our attitude towards healthy eating. In response to this McDonald’ made major changes such changing the décor, including images of farmers and the countryside in the ads, were more prominently involved in charity and society improvement activities and so on.

Example of Mc Donald’s healthy eating ads.

The were able to bounce back from these criticism at lighting speed for a company of that big scale. They did not just confront the criticisms head on but eventually overcome them. It is interesting that other competitors failed to make these changes and are now struggling and some are even looking for buyers.

5. Experiment New Things.

Despite their age and size, McDonald’s regularly come up with great marketing ideas that haven’t been done before. They aren’t afraid to try something like playing out with new technology.

Example of a kiosk machine in Mc Donald’s

A great example is the new kiosk machine, which save ordering and waiting time. Plus their ‘Drive Thru’ and ‘Home Delivery’ concepts were the first of its kind to market.

6. Know Your Strengths And Play To Them.

Let’s be honest, McDonalds knows their food isn’t that great nor healthy, which is why they never compare or compete in terms of food quality. Instead their marketing strategy all these years of branding has been to communicate with feelings such as of familiarity, security, warmth and convenience.