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Is Donating to a Fundraiser on Facebook Trustworthy? All Your Doubts About Facebook Fundraising Answered Here!

Most of us have doubt when it comes donating money to fundraisers on Facebook wondering if it is a scam, does the money actually go to the stated NGOs, why did Facebook started fundraising and more.

So, here are the answers to clear off all your doubt.

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When did Facebook start offering fundraising tools?

In 2015. Now, over 750,000 nonprofits have and is using Facebook’s fundraising.

Facebook expanded the donate button to posts in 2016, allowing individuals to start raising money for organization.

Starting last spring, Facebook also began allowing people to ask for donations for personal causes.

And last summer, Facebook launched birthday fundraisers, which makes it so people can raise money for a specific cause.

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Are the fundraising activities on Facebook legitimate?


All charities, NGOs and individual are required to apply for fundraising privileges then be approved and verified by Facebook.

After that, nonprofit groups must provide Facebook with detailed financial information including the company’s bank account and government-approved charity registration documents.

Facebook also has a proactive review process to identify and remove potentially fraudulent fundraisers.

If you come across a fundraiser you believe is not legitimate, you can report it and a Facebook team will investigate it.

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What happens once you donate money to an organization or individual on Facebook?

There are three ways our donations are processed through Facebook.

  1. Through the company’s internal system called Facebook Payments.
  2. The Network For Good — which provides donor management software.
  3. Through the organization’s own payment processor if the Facebook fundraiser is linked to a campaign on the charity’s website.

If a nonprofit is using Facebook Payments, it typically takes about two weeks for contributions to get deposited in the organization’s bank account from the time you hit the donation button.

So if you donated to let’s say to UNICEF today , the nonprofit would get the money by end of the month.

If an organization is using Network For Good, donations are usually distributed a month and a half after the last date of the month in which the donations were made.

And if a charity uses its own processing company, the amount of time it takes for the money to be disbursed to the charity varies depending on that company.

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Does Facebook charge fees to you or the charity you are donating to?

Facebook initially charged payment and processing fees, but the company has waived all fees for individual fundraisers for personal causes and fundraisers for organizations since last November.

So, hope that answers all your questions and clear off your doubt to be donating on Facebook.

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What is Your Stand Now?

Have you changed you view on Facebook fundraising.

If you still have some hesitation to donate to a fundraiser or NGO on Facebook, I leave with a viral video of a fundraiser that raised more than $20 million in America for children and families being separated at the U.S.-Mexico border under the Trump Administration.

It is the largest Facebook campaign ever. More than 250,000 people have donated to the campaign.

The couple who started the fundraising, Charlotte and Dave Willner, initially set the goal at $1,500, but have since raised it numerous times as donations continually flow in every minute.