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Rural Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia: What Drives Their Success?

This article is written based on research done by Nasina Mat Desa, a professor at University Sains Malaysia (USM), that examine the entrepreneurial characteristics that influence the success of rural women entrepreneur in business.

Entrepreneurship is not a foreign field for women in Malaysia. In recent years, the number of women who enter the field showed encouraging improvements.

There has been a trendemous growth of city women involvement in entrepreneurship and their contributions to the national economy and employment.

However, the importance of entrepreneurial activities in the regional areas and districts in Malaysia for economic development cannot doubt.

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These activities are an important source of economic growth and job creation that improve the quality of life of the individuals, their families, communities and the national economic development as well.

Many studies show that entrepreneurial activities increase the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment opportunities, increase people’s income and wealth and bring forward the local population closer to the global economy.

Here are the inspiring qualities of these women that we all can apply in our life:

1. Risk Taking

Risk taking is involved in a work or project that the outcome is unsure and has a probability of having lost.

The aspects of risk-taking described the willingness of entrepreneurs to engage in risky work or no bail.

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In another sense, it refers to the ability to cover possible loss turned over decisions or projects carried out in their business.

Positive attitude towards risk will allow the entrepreneur success and enduring in its business. Thus, the courage to take risk is the first step should be considered by the entrepreneurs

2. Creativity and Innovative

Creativity and innovative refers to the ability of entrepreneurs to introduce as well as bringing out new ideas in their business.

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A creative and innovative entrepreneur is able to find faster, better, cheaper, easier ways to produce and deliver their products and services.

3. Social Networking

Social networking refers to friendliness and desire to interweave the relationship with other entrepreneurs.

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4. Willingness and Initiative

Willingness and initiative refer the openness to the new ideas and products as well as the willingness to be the first to offer this product and services to the customer.

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5. Confidence and Determination

Confidence and determination described the conviction and belief of the entrepreneurs against their business design that has been established as well as their courage in facing the challenge and failure.

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To All My Fellow Ladies Out There.

Love yourself, choose the right path and let your dreams take you high.

Confidence and determination and vision are the main variables that influence the business success of women entrepreneur in all environment.

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With more and more effort women too can contribute towards the development and transformation of the economy to achieve developed nation status and a high income by 2020.

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