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4 Tips to Spend Your ‘Angpao’ Money Wisely.

Chinese New Year is the perfect time for family to gather around and spend most of their time together while having a great dinner.

During this time also, the youngsters can start collecting angpao money from their elderly and saved them for future purpose.

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But most of us, are guilty of spending that money on unnecessary things, where instead it can be used for better purposes.

So, here’s how you can make most of the ang pao money:

1) Deposit into Your Saving Account

Bank in the money into your account and do not touch it unless there is any emergency need for money.

To control your urge to spend name the account as something that you desperately one such as the new Iphone and start adding more money each month.

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By this way, you will be more determined to save up and get yourself the iPhone in no time!

2) Take A Short Trip in Malaysia

Try to plan a short trip to any islands in Malaysia.

There are many affordable getaways options locally that can fit just right within your ang pao budget

A short trip in our local islands is exactly what one needs after all the hectic Chinese new year gatherings!

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3) Invest in Household Items

After Chinese New Year many departmental stores will have low customers  so they will start promoting their products with crazy low price.

Invest on a new TV or Air-cond  at this particular time to enjoy discount. If you get luckier you might also get both of them bundled together!

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4) Top Up Your Debit Cards

You normally get bargains when you use Visa and debit card when buying something.

So it would be a brilliant idea to top up your debit card.

Normally banks will come up with the seasonal promotions that will benefit you a lot.

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Keep yourself updated with all the perks the banks has to offer and make the most of it.


So, these are some of the ways to make full use of the cash you receive on the prosperous day.

Hope it helps and wishing you a very wonderful Chinese Lunar Festival! Let us know how your Chinese New Year gathering went in the comment section below.

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