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The 4 Habits That Will Help You Reach Financial Stability in Life.

Achieving financial stability means you have enough wealth to live on without having to depend on income from some form of formal employment.

One thing is for sure: you can’t reach this state by spending your way!

But are there ways you can get guaranteed results? Yes.

There are 4 habits that can help you attain financial independence, these habits must become a part of your lifestyle.

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1. Avoid using credit cards too often.

People flash and swipe credit cards, forgetting that such credit cards charge an interest rate of 30-42 per cent annually.

If you pay such a high rate of interest on small things you purchase, you can never attain ‘Financial Stability’.

This is because your money is working for the credit card company, and not you.

Though, there are advantage such as zero-interest period, but it is a key to trick you into paying high rate of interest.

2. Save 50% of Monthly Income.

Every penny you save today will become 10 times in the next decade. So, don’t fall into the spending trap.

If you avoid high-cost loans and spending, saving half of your income will not be a problem.

Also, avoid buying new things in a bid to upgrade and getting bigger/better.

Once you get your monthly income, immediately save 50 per cent of it.

This will leave only 50 per cent of your income to spend. Make this a habit. You must save before you spend.  

3. Increase Investment By 6% Every Year

Many people invest today through direct equity route, fixed deposits, mutual funds, unit-linked plans, buy gold etc.

The important part is to increase your investments because all your plans today are based on today’s inflation rate but price-rise is happening every year.

If inflation rises by 6% you too should save and invest 6% more every year.

In this way, the purchasing power of your money stays intact because you are investing as much as the inflation rate.

For example if you save RM 5000 per month for 5 years and get a return of 6%annually. You could get back RM 18,00 by investing RM 60,000.

4. Keep Dates With Debt at Minimum

Right from your bank account, insurance investments and provident fund, all such investments focus on fixed income or debt.

You may not know it, but fixed income has a great cost and poor inflation-adjusted returns.

In fact, fixed income rarely gives more than 7-8% annually over long periods. The cost of guarantee takes away the extra return possibility.

Therefore, you must keep dates with debt at a minimum. The only asset that can generate high returns is equity.

Yes, the risk are higher but returns are high too!


Financial stability  is not an impossible dream. Follow the 4 habits outlined above and you will not  fail in your pursuit of reaching financial stability in life.

Give it 10-15 years and see the results. You will be richer, mentally happier and confident

Happy Investing!