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Go Green: The 6 Most In-Demand Sustainability Jobs.

Sustainability is a hot career field, and within it are many specializations you can pursue, including business, energy, engineering and more.

Which ones are the hottest sustainability jobs at the moment? Read below:

1. Sustainability Consultants.

According to report, management, scientific and technical consulting services on sustainability will be the industry with the most new jobs.

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Jobs in these fields are expected to grow by 83%.

Companies will hire consultants to help them plan and execute sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts, from energy efficiency to employee well-being and engagement.

2. Environmental Scientists.

The demand for environmental scientists working in labs, offices and field settings is poised to grow. It is expected that job growth for environmental scientists and specialists to be about as fast as the average for all careers through 2020.

As we continue to tackle global environmental issues like climate change, pollution and water conservation, the workforce will need an ever-growing staff of environmental scientists to lead the way.

Environmental scientists will be needed to study the effects of population growth, which will place higher demands on the environment.

Also, businesses and other organizations will need help following environmental laws and preventing environmental problems as they begin new projects.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Professionals.

Starbucks wants one. So does Google.

More and more companies are hiring corporate social responsibility and sustainability professionals to help them become more responsible and sustainable corporate citizens.

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According to GreenBiz Group’s Report, “in the four years between 2005 and 2008, 125 companies added their first full-time sustainability positions.

Corporate interest appears to be waning as fewer companies are adding sustainability managers as part of the organization.

Still, the overall trend is toward growth, even if that growth is slower than it once was.

4. Green Building Architects.

Designers and building architects are needed to design, build and maintain green buildings, including their energy, waste and water systems and the landscapes that surround them.

Jobs in green building are expected to continue to climb.

Green construction spending currently supports over 2 million jobs and generates over 100 billion dollars in gross domestic product and wages in the US alone.

5. Water Engineers and Scientists.

Demand for clean water is the next “inconvenient truth,” for scientists and engineers

as National Geographic points out, “water quality problems abound and their control is an increasingly important green job around the world.”

Scientists may find new sources of water or find ways to use water more efficiently and engineers would need to design and develop new products and procedures for saving water.

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Water engineers are needed to plan to ensure that communities and landscaped areas use water efficiently.

They must also educate people about water conservation. They must also implement water-saving devices and procedures in agriculture, manufacturing and other fields.

6. Agriculture and Food Scientists.

Agricultural and food scientists are needed to develop eco-friendly farming practices and technologies that can sustainably feed growing world populations.

They also are needed to find plant-based energy sources and help farms and fisheries adapt to climate change and rising sea levels.

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Most job growth will be in private industry as agricultural scientists will be needed to find farming methods that won’t harm the environment.

There may also be opportunities to help find energy sources from plants. The demand for new and safer foods will drive job growth for food scientists.

To a Greener Planet.

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