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Guidelines for Entepreneurs to Choose the Best Social Platform for Marketing in 2018

Today social media platforms has become the essential tool to build and branch out as a business. More and more consumers are using these channels to find new companies and engage with their favorite brands. That is why it is vital for businesses to be strategic about which social media platforms they work to build a presence on. The key to successful social media marketing in 2018 will be choosing the best social media platform for your business and planning strategically on how to sell your brand in those platform. Remember, what works with Twitter crowds won’t necessary work in Instagram. Youtube videos won’t fit in Facebook profile video.  It is based on a number of factors, including the type of business you have, what audience you are trying to reach, your specific goals, and much more. Below, I’ve put together a quick and simple guide to choosing the best social media for business today.


Why Facebook for Marketing?
  • 2 million monthly active users, it is the world’slargest social media platform
  • Diverse and large audience demographics being those aged 25 – 34.
  • Even gender balance, 76% of all female users and 66% of male users. Facebook users are statistically proven to be  smart and earn decent.
  • Educated users, 74% of Facebook users have completed some form of higher education.
  • Average income user, About 72% of Facebook users that have incomes of over $20,000 annually.
3 Best Features for Your Business
  1. Targeted digital advertising platform- With Facebook ads, you are able to target those who are most likely willing and ready to purchase your products or services. This ensures that your business gets your ad content in front of the right users at the right time.
  2. E-commerce integrations- Facebook makes it easy for users to purchase from your company through the social media platform by just  clicking one button.Through
  3. Facebook messenger- You can also provide shipping updates and other order notifications through the Facebook platform as well.


Why Instagram for Marketing?
  • Instagram has more than 700 million active users
  • Has the biggest brand followers, 50% of users follow brands on Instagram.
  • Young demographic, 53% of people ages 18 to 29
  • More female users than male users
3 Best Features for Your Business
  1. Unique and engaging visual content- Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is focused on visuals. You can use Instagram to showcase your products and tell your brand story in a way that’s visually appealing.
  2. Live Instagram stories- You can take live video and share it with all of your followers. Easily provide behind-the-scenes footage of your business and share important news and updates with your followers.
  3. Direct Messaging-  Instagram also allows you to message users directly and can a great tool for customer service.


Why Twitter for Marketing?
  • Twitter is the go-to place for the latest news and trends on a variety of topics. 
  • Equal gender, 24% of men and 25% of women use Twitter.
  • Young demographics, 36% of users between the ages of 18 to 29.  
  • Least college experience
  • Urban users
3 Best Features for Your Business
  1. Hashtags– Allow you to follow and participate in conversations about trending topics in your industry. You can use hashtags to reach new audiences who might be interested in your content.
  2. Multiple ads options and format- . You can promote your account, which will show up in the left column or promote a tweet from your brand, which will appear
  3. Promote a certain trend- Your company may be using to start a conversation among target the user’s Twitter feed. T a conversation among target users.


Why Youtube for Marketing?
  • Second largest search engine in the world, What’s more is that YouTube users are watching a billion hours of video each day and generating just as many views.
  • Wide audience range, 18 to 49-year-old
  • Predominantly male, with 55% male users and 45% female users.
  • Great brand engagement, 74% of YouTube users will watch brand channels weekly.
  • Highest conversion rate, 63% of users have taken action based on a brand or creator video on YouTube, Best Features for Your Business
3 Best Feature for Business
  1. Unlimited amount of video hosting– An affordable way for businesses to publish video content that can drive more engagement and influence conversions.
  2. Easily integrated- So you can easily shares across other platforms like  onto your website or to other social media platforms
  3. Boost SEO-  The content that you post on your brand’s YouTube channel is searchable in both YouTube and Google. That means that Google may just serve your YouTube video content in its search engine results page.