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Here’s How to Save the Planet and Make a Profit.

NASA recently learned Earth is experiencing its highest levels of carbon dioxide for the first time in roughly 4 million years.

Let that sink in.

Many of us will read such startling information and go on with our daily lives.

But if we’re little conscious of our planet we’ll invest in saving it, if not for ourselves, then for future generations.

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Innovation in the sustainability industry is plentiful, and entrepreneurs can capitalize.

Promoting sustainability is not only a great humanitarian move — it’s also a highly lucrative one.

Based on an analyzation of the performance of close to 2,000 companies, 20% of companies that were the strongest in cutting carbon intensity beat the global stock market by nearly 6%.

So the question becomes: In what ways can entrepreneurs save Earth while still turning a profit?

Here are 3 of the most profitable yet sustainable industries at the moment:

1. Automated Vehicle Industry

The notion of self-driving cars has been on the tips of tongues for years now, especially for the environmentally friendly aspects attached to the concept.

For entrepreneurs, however, autonomous driving is more than just a way to save Earth. It is a golden business investment. A report by 2040, ¾ of all cars in the world could be self-driven.

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It’s clear the automated vehicle industry is worth investing in, but what do these driverless cars do for the environment?

Studies suggest they could reduce pollution, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately transform mobility.

2. Healthcare Industry

Taking care of ourselves goes hand in hand with taking care of the planet: The better we do, the better the environment does.

The healthcare industry is embracing this through the use of renewable energy.

For example, by purchasing more efficient products and practising diets that encourage patients to eat homegrown, sustainably farmed foods.

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The use of renewable energy as opposed to harmful fossil fuels significantly lowers global warming emissions. Plus, the use of “greener” equipment greatly reduces the amount of hazardous waste disposal.

Lastly, consuming foods from homegrown sources lowers pesticide consumption, as well as workers’ exposure to harmful chemicals in the field.

3. Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry, in particular, is severely impacted by the damaging effects of climate change.

However, according to the United Nations, investing in agriculture can greatly reduce the effects of climate change.

Example of an entrepreneur who makes big money by investing in the industry is Bill Gates.

He founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation one of the largest advocates of agricultural research and development.

It is also the No. 1 funder of genetic engineering research which helps combat these devastating consequences, which in turn makes a small dent in the road to climate change recovery.

So, entrepreneurs, now you know what to invest in. The next challenge is actually doing it. But you don’t have to go it alone.

Here are the two of the most important step to follow:

1. Seek out new nontraditional funding paths.

Due to recent changes in global climate policies as well as the recent pullback from top venture capitalists — seeking new ways to gain funds is a must.

Consider reaching out to your closest circle (e.g., all the other entrepreneurs you know) who are committed to this space.

Beyond that, install a crowdfunding campaign to kick-start whatever innovation you hope to introduce to combat climate change.

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It’s already happening successfully throughout the industry — proof that you can do it, too.

2. Leverage the power of AI for climate solutions.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a cool trend; it’s also an incredibly effective one.

Its implications are being explored for climate change and food security concerns.

“The power of AI technology is it can solve problems that scale to the whole planet,”

said Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer.

Recent developments in AI for sustainability purposes include anything from identifying deforestation and how fast it’s occurring to predicting energy demands to ensure a matching supply.

Perhaps the most effective way to use AI as an entrepreneur is through mining big data involving the cause of your choice, and then having your team decipher that data and plan your course in detail.

To a Greener Planet.

So while you’re no Captain Planet or Superman saving the world one good deed at a time, you are an innovator, and you’re one who can make a difference for future generations.

Don’t they deserve a clean, sustainable world? Leave us your thoughts at the comment section below.

You may not be a superhero, but you’re an entrepreneur with a big heart — add some funds and the power of tech to the mix, and you’ve got the world in your hands.

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