5 Tips on how to improve your Google Ranking | WMA 富道学院

How to make it to the top of Google?

The ultimate goal of any article is to generate the highest the number of views.For that you need to  make it to the top of Google search list or at least make it in the top 10. However, to get there is not an easy task but it also within reach with the right amount work and knowledge. Here my 5 simple and  helpful tips which should help you get on the dream list. The list is based on my personal understanding and thought it not the guaranteed formula to success but it help big time and worth a try!


Research is the key here. Before getting started with your article do a research on how many articles or the similar topic has been written and analyze the top 10 of the list so you could also you the same strategy.SEO is an important source of traffic hence it is important to understand it not just for yourself but also your competitors. The goal is to make it to the top so replicating other’s method would be a big help because if it works for the them should also work for you.

2) Metrics

There are some metrics to measure the SEO performance which would again be a big help in reaching the goal. One of it is, website tracking. It basically  means keeping track on number of people visiting the site. This is important because the more people visiting your site increases the credibility of the work and website. Credibility is one of the thing you need in order to be top of the  Google search list. Apart from that, relevance of the article also matters. So, it is important to produce good quality content that is not niche because people are not looking for your article, the just want a good piece of information. So,as along as you produce solid content the reach would be higher and you automatically get to be on top of Google’s list.

3) Apps

There are so many apps out there that can transform your work from good to the best. Some of the best examples are like Google Click through Rate. This is a good app because it shows you the number of people click into the article. According to research, 70% of the click goes to the top of the list and that is why you have to be there. Another example would be Google Analytics which helps you measure traffic. There are plenty more apps that you can find online. Use as many as possible to help you out.

4) Backlink

What is backlink you ask? Backlinks are links to another website. They help you increase authority and also reach. However, not backlinks are created equally. Your goal is to earn quality “do follow” backlinks from high ranking pages in your niche. It is also important to remember to earn these naturally by creating  and promoting content worth linking to. Also, try to find authoritative links in that way you can reach out to those sources to pitch your latest idea or product. Though the response rate is minimum but it is worth trying.

5) Keep your eyes on enemy

The enemy here refers to your competitors. You know they say keep your friends close and enemy closer. Always keep a track on what they are up to so you  know what you are dealing with. Plus, it is also the easiest way to get started with link building. It also helps you in coming up fresher contents too. So, there you have it, the five simple ways to get yourself straight to the top of Google ranking. Hopefully, this was helpful!