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5 Stress Busters To Do Before An Interview.

No one likes to be judged, but like it or not, that is exactly what a job interview is, a judgment zone!

It’s also your chance to show that you’re the right person for the job, but if you’re not confident that you’ve got what it takes, the interviewer won’t be either.

Plenty of people are worried that their anxiety will sabotage their job-interview performance. According to a study 92% of adults are anxious about job interviews, and 17% of people ranked fear of being nervous as their top concern.

Luckily, you can cross “nervous about being nervous” off your list with these stress-relief exercises that will help to calm your job interview anxiety.

1. Listen To Your Favorite Playlist.

Star in your own episode of Carpool Karaoke on your way to the interview, and you could sing your way into a Zen-like state for interview success.

Movement and music can instantly get you in a place of confidence.

Pick a favorite song that fills your heart with passion. Songs and movements that connect you with your best self will allow you to fully experience power in the moment, and then you can go in and crush it!

2. Watch Funny Videos.

dance cat GIF by Banggood

Finally, there’s a time when it is productive and prescriptive to watch cat videos!

Studies say there’s a benefit to watching a few funny videos before you head into your interview.

Having a good belly laugh relaxes you and puts you in a better mood. It has also been linked to reduces in certain stress hormones in the body.

3. Give Yourself a Pep Talk.

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Do you sometimes catch yourself talking to yourself? It’s ok. We all do it.

Psychologists suggest a trick to personalize your pep talk even more by using your own name.

Research suggests that it helps you to distance yourself a bit from the situation, and instead of getting caught up in the anxiety of it, can help you to have a greater sense of perspective.

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4. Do a Mental Success Rehearsal.

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Most career experts will advise you to practice answering interview questions, but there’s another kind of rehearsal that can prepare you in a different way—the rehearsal that’s all in your mind.

Research shows that experiencing success increases our confidence, even if that experience is imagined.

To get into a mental rehearsal, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow your muscles to relax.

See yourself as calm, focused, and prepared confidently answering any questions throughout the successful interview.  Allow yourself to feel strong, confident, and proud while visualizing your successful interview.

5. Exaggerate Your Fears.

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This might sound like the absolute opposite of a calming exercise, but as you’re preparing for your interview, ask yourself what’s the worst that can happe then amplify it.

Most people try to stifle anxious thoughts with positivity, but voicing your worst fears is more effective.

So think about what you fear most. Is it blanking on a question? Spilling your coffee? Play that scenario out, and you may just calm those jitters by having the experience in the safety of your own home.

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