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7 Inspiring Life Lessons to Learn From Hollywood’s Best Supervillains of All Time!

 Leadership they say is not a position or title instead it is actions and example. There is one group of particular people who have demonstrated the requisite skills time and again. Who?! THE SUPER-VILLAINS!

So, here I’ve came up with A List of 7 Key Takeaways From Hollywood’s Extreme BAD BOYS!

1. If You’€™re Good At Something, Never Do It For Free.

Photo Credit: DC Comics

This is a pretty straightforward advice, especially when you€™re proposing to €œkill the Batman€ in exchange for half of the mob€™s money. As you can see, it worked for The Joker quite well seeing as though he got the job.

This bit of advice seems to apply to professional creatives the most. If you are indeed a professional then you should not be donating your time for free.

Getting paid for one€™s work is the subtle distinction between a novice and a professional.

2. Have A Break Now And Then to Get A Grip Of Yourself.

Photo Credit: Star Wars.Com

Darth Vader would go away from time to time to his meditation chamber, a private space where he could relax and rest without the armor and his claustrophobic black mask.

All leaders need  time to rest and get their energy back. Only then can leadership study different options for the proper operation of the team.

So, spare the weekends for party or a gig with friends. Go on vacation or you simply be low key sleeping in your bed cuddling your cat, but be sure to chill!

3. Always Be Open to New Skills and Keep Learning.

Photo Credit: Engadget

It’s great to be really good at something. In fact, that’s probably what got you where you are today. But if you want to continue being successful, you’ll need to be prepared to understand and be able to contribute to other fields

Take Doctor Octopus, for example, despite having a background in nuclear physics and academia, he quickly learned to branch out into such disparate areas as bank robbery, kidnapping and murder. It’s a truly inspirational story!

4. Make Sure to Be Dead Set On Your Goal.

Photo Credit: Polygon

This can either be a bad thing or a good thing, depending on your goal. In the movie, Thanos wants to collect the 6 Infinity stones, kill half of the universe’s population and then retire. He is so dead set on this goal that he thinks it is necessary to hurt others just to get want he wants.

On the other hand, if we put this into our perspective as humans, setting a goal and being firm in achieving it can help shape our success.

We must set our own goals in life and take the necessary steps to achieve them. But, we must remember not to trample upon any other individual’s rights nor hurt anyone who we see as a hindrance to achieving our goals.

5. Have Your Own Distinctive and Creative Style.

Photo Credit: Giphy; Warner Bros

Voldemort for example,  had his own personal brand that never wavered. It generally had to do with dark colors and skulls and snakes. I don’t think the Death Eaters would have continued to support him so strongly if he suddenly exchanged their hooded cloaks with fedoras and plaid flannel shirts.

To be a successful leader, you have to think outside the cupboard under the stairs. Obstacles will come, and it may not seem like there is a way around them, but there will be a solution.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Find out your own leadership style, and own it.

6.Balance Working Hard And Playing Hard Right.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Being addicted to your job is a good thing, it show you have passion and the drive to be successful but remember there’s more to life than your office desh.

Norman Osbourn sets a good example of balancing a good work life and personal life.

He spends long working hours running an incredibly successful scientific development business, but he never neglects his off-hours hobby of dressing up as the Green Goblin and trying to murder Spider-Man’s girlfriend by throwing her off the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

7. Always Think Big and Dream High!

Photo Credit: Marvel’s The Avengers.

Everyone started small at some point even Apple began life in a garage.

Don’t let the modest scale of your current enterprise deter from you from the end game, or your staff won’t feel like sticking around for the ride.

Look at Loki. Sure, he fails every time, but you gotta give it to him – the guy dreams big.