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The Top Three Soft Skills Employers Look For In Job Candidates.

These days, there’s more to getting hired than having the qualifications. As it turns out, employers look for personal qualities and other characteristics to determine whether or not you are a good fit.

This is important to keep in mind as you interview. Be sure to bring, not just your experience, but also your personality, growth mindset and social skills.

Based on Forbes study, here are the top three things that most organization agreed on what makes an ideal candidate:

1. Good Communication Skills.

Are you both verbally articulate and a good listener? Can you make your case and express your needs in a way that builds bridges with colleagues, customers and vendors?

Being able to speak simply is also important. Sharing stories and giving relatable examples are two good ways to make a complex subject simple and engaging.

This shows that you know your content, but that you’re also able to help people connect with a topic they may not be familiar with. This is a kind of interaction that people at all levels of an organization admire.

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2. Self Confidence.

Do you truly believe you can do the job? Will you project a sense of calm and inspire confidence in others? Will you have the courage to ask questions that need to be asked and to freely contribute your ideas?

In most interview process, candidates who demonstrate grit, curiosity, optimism, a global mindset and a knack for problem-solving tend to make a positive impression.

Candidates should definitely look into those aspects of the company beforehand as this will give an insight of the company and its for values.

Employers want you to be confident that the choices you will make will be in line with the organization’s values. Personal principles and intention matter. 

3. Ability To Work Well Under Pressure.

Can you handle the stress that accompanies deadlines and crises? Will you be able to do your best work and come through in a pinch?

Remember also that how you get things done is just as important as what you’ve done. Employers today take into account how you operate and make decisions in addition to what you’ve delivered.

In this fast-paced, increasingly unpredictable world, we’re sometimes faced with new or never-before-seen circumstances. Hence, being able to handle criticism, work pressure and job in general is a must possessed skill.