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Instagram Vs Facebook: Which One is Better for Online Advertising?

Facebook and Instagram are the biggest advertising platform in the world.

Advertising play a huge role in determining the overall business success of an organization.

Facebook and Instagram are the biggest advertising platform in helping business to reach out to more audience and increase sales.

However, it is crucial to understand which platform is suitable for your business campaign to save your money, time and effort.

So, we’ve compared a various aspect of both platforms to pick the best for your ad campaign.

Which Platform Has More Users?

Facebook is older and has bigger user base than Instagram with 2.27 billion of active user as of 2018 while Instagram has 1 billion active users.

Half of Instagram users are between 18-  29 years old and mostly women. Globally speaking, 41% of users are 24 years of age or younger.

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The common age demographic for Facebook users is 25- 34. 79% of people aged from 30-49 owns a Facebook account making it reachable to all.

This is the prime target demographic for many businesses, so you have higher engagement rate with your key audience on both these platforms.

 Which One Can Reach More People?

Instagram has a stronger organic reach with its features such as  hashtag ‘#’ and ‘suggestions for you’ which users get to follow accounts or see posts they like.

Facebook gives a bigger global reach globe and it would be the right platform to highlight a brands perceptibility.

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However, there are more business profile on Instagram.

There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram where 80% of users follow at least a business account on Instagram.

Funfact: Did you know, you can manage both Facebook and Instagram without an Instagram account as it works both ways in the Facebook manager section? 

Which One Can Target Niche Audience?

Instagram was bought by Facebook on 9 April 2012, for $1 billion.

Both platform has great targeting features such ‘Location’ and ‘Age’ that helps business target ads to niche audience.

Facebook has a more specific targeting options such as gender, languages, interest and behaviour which gives more scope for niche marketing.  

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Facebook also offer detailed targeting options where you can include or exclude people from an audience based on demographics, interests and/or behaviours.

It also creates a  custom audiences base from the information generated and provided on your Facebook.

Which One is Cheaper?

A study shows that an average cost-per-click ad on Instagram is $0.80 which is RM 3.29 and Facebook is $0.35 which is RM1.44.

However, the Facebook cost-per-click ad is not a fixed cost as Instagram. 

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Facebook ads are noted to be more expensive during the holiday seasons especially from October- December.

The prime factor that determine the cost of your Instagram ads is age.

For example age category of 18-24 is more expensive than 35-44.

Now, Which is One is Better?

More than 350 million photos are uploaded per day on each site.

That really depends on what you are selling and who you are selling it to.

Though you can advertise on both sides, it is necessary to understand your objective and audience because every cent does count to profit or loss.

So, when running a campaign ask yourself the age group of the target audience and the objective of the campaign.

This will help you identity the right platform, reach more clicks and save cost too.

Choose the right platform and invest well!

Do, let us know which platform has worked the best for you and feel free to share your thoughts on social media advertising as it would help others to strategizes their ads as well.

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