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Mobile Friendly is the NOW


A we all know people nowadays are accessing to internet from wide range of devices. So, you can say your readers are looking for an information just on their computer or laptops high chances they are on their phone too.Traditional websites are not exactly formatted for mobile displays hence does not render well with android phones or Iphones. So, it is important to quickly transfer your website to a mobile friendly manner. Many company are aware that this is an important issue which can affect the bottom line of your business. One of the best example would be Google where they changed their site’s algorithm to something more mobile friendly now.So, mobile friendly  simply means your users can you content using their smartphones. Putting it in a more complex term, it means you need to produce and design a content and a layout that can fully utilize the incredible capabilities of smartphones in a smaller space. To do so, your site has got to be able to deliver an user-friendly experience for the viewers. For example, without having to tap,zooming in, turning the screen horizontal and so on. The easier it is to use the more views the site is going to get.

But why is going mobile friendly matters? Simply because everyone is using smartphones these so it is the fastest way to the reach to your readers. Readers want easy access to your site and get information quickly so if you are not optimize for smartphone then will not be able to provide readers with up to date information hence you lose your credibility.Which is another why mobile friendly is so important because it builds credibility with your readers. Plus, it has become a standard best practice among all company to come with web designs that are mobile friendly so you do not want to be out the game.

Plus, it is also a matter of reputation. If your website does good and gives an amazing experience to your readers across many devices it will increase the standard and image of the company. People will keep coming back regardless if what device that they are on knowing that it is going to be a smooth experience. Always bear in mind, reputation is everything.So, if your reader has one bad experience navigating through your site it is enough to damage the whole name. Hence, you cannot afford to give people a bad experience whether on computer or mobile devices.

Now, that we know why mobile friendly websites are important let’s change focus to how to make your content more mobile friendly.This is where most people make mistake. People often translate what’s on their website to mobile but the problem here is that what’s work on your computer will not particularly work on the phone due to reasons like space, attention span,size and so on.

Main difference mobile users and computer users are time span. People on phone are always looking for something on the go hence the attention span is short so your content has to be short and simple. Avoid pop-ups, though it works on for computer but on phone it is a huge mistake. Pop ups that is required by law such as age or nationality are fine but annoying interruption that requires signing up or require you to buy something will damage the reader’s experience and will hurt your SEO.When it comes to mobile friendly sites the main goal is to provide readers with quick and easy to access content. To ensure this, you must make sure your users is not bombarded by too many elements at once.

To conclude, websites that are no mobile friendly are certainly out of the league and we are moving in a high speed digital landscape. It is important to always stay in trend and keep close to people’s need.Therefore, ignoring mobile optimization is not just bad for SEO but also causes your site to lose countless sales.