MOC《资本圈》企业参访 | MOC Capital Circle – Corporate Visit | WMA 富道学院

MOC《资本圈》企业参访 | MOC Capital Circle – Corporate Visit

Good news! < MOC Capital Circle> brought you another exciting corporate visit to Korea Wallpaper and Mediasoft Entertainment on 26th of June 2015! Entrepreneurs tends to learn from each other, increase value to the company, hence, create absolute advantage !!! Below is the details of two company: Korea Wallpaper: -Founded in 2009, ASEAN’s Largest wallpaper gallery at KL, JB, Penang and Melaka. -Industry leader showcasing thousands of collections imported from South Korea. -Public recognise its BRAND for highest standard wallpaper at lowest price. Mediasoft Entertainment: -Mediasoft is a MSC Status Company and Autodesk Certified Partner. -Malaysia’s largest game company with 80 employee come from Malaysia, India, Brazil, Germany -Asia’s Awards winning and Star employer in the local game industry and Universities. Corporate visitation agenda: 9.30am Korea Wallpaper Reception Registration 10am -11am Korea Wallpaper Corporate Visit 11.15am Mediasoft Entertainment Reception Registration 11.30am -12.30pm Mediasoft Entertainment Corporate Visit 1pm – 2.30pm Networking Luncheon & MOC Sharing 2.45pm End Credit to <MOC Capital Circle> arrangement,Networking Luncheon sponsored by Korea Wallpaper and Mediasoft Entertainment. Entrepreneurs and investors that eager to learn how to leverage on Capital Mechanism MUST register. Due to limited seat available, REGISTER NOW, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Instant Registration hotline: Queenie +019 331 7818 Zoe +018 211 7178   好消息! MOC《资本圈》携您一起于6月26日(五)企业参访Korea Wallpaper 和 Mediasoft Entertainment!企业之间相互学习、提高企业价值、打造企业的绝对优势! 以下是两家优秀企业的简介: Korea Wallpaper: -2009年创立,如今是东盟最大壁纸展示厅,分别位于吉隆坡、柔佛、槟城与马六甲 -行业佼佼者,展示过千进口韩国集合系列 -享誉公认品牌-提供最高水准但最低价格的壁纸 Mediasoft Entertainment: -MSC公司,也是Autodesk认证伙伴 -马来西亚最大游戏公司,超过80位来自世界各地员工(马来西亚、印度、巴西、德国等等) -荣获亚洲大奖与Star Employer、并获得Apple,Google Store 与Windows Store等各种奖项 流程: 9.30am Korea Wallpaper接待处集合报到 10am-11am Korea Wallpaper 参访 11.15am Mediasoft Entertainment 接待处集合报到 11.30am-12.30pm Mediasoft Entertainment 参访 1pm-2.30pm 午餐交流与MOC分享 2.45pm 圆满结束 在此感谢MOC团队的细心安排,也感恩Korea Wallpaper与Mediasoft Entertainment赞助午餐! 席位只限50位,请尽快报名! 报名热线: 婷婷 +019 331 7818 佳蓁 +018 211 7178 WMA富道学院启