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How Science Helps Turning Time into Money

Time is one of the most dimension that exists in our universe because it just can’t be manipulated. It can go forward, but never back. It always moves you forward. So why try to change the fact by complaining “You have got not time” , when all that time does is take you a step further.

Why is time so important in our life?

 “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” the late Steve Jobs.

Scheduling different types of tasks at work, from getting a response to your email to asking for a raise everything takes and need the right time.

How though, do I use time to my advantage you may ask? Here is in an expert advice on when is the best time to send an email, schedule a meeting, make a decision, and more. This is really helpful in utilizing time in the right way and indeed turning the quote ‘time is money’ to  practise. So, grab your pen and paper and take note!


1)When is the best time to send an email?

The biggest struggle that most people at work faces is never getting an email response on time. But, the root of the problem is not the other party is not replying you on time, it is you that did not email at the right time. The traditional workweek might be Monday to Friday is generally the best to send an email and skip the weekends is what we are taught, but if you want your email to be read, consider sending it on a weekend morning. According to a study by Yesware, a email tracking software, email-open rates are higher on the weekends. That’s because significantly less email is sent on weekends and you have less competition for clicks. You don’t have to work weekends so that to the advantage and consider apps like Boomerang or Letter Me Later that allows you to schedule when you want your email to be sent. So, you can write up the email first and save it to be sent over the weekend. Never send emails on public holiday!


2) How to get a proper response on time?

IF sending an email is a struggle, getting a quick response for it, is another. So, if you want to get a reply to your email, consider sending it early in the morning between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. In fact, make sure to do that the first thing in the morning.  Again according to Yesware, reply rates are highest in the morning about 45% more than the rest of the day. This is because early morning is the time that people are on phone and mood would be good plus fewer emails are sent during these time slots which again lowers your competition. The days does not really matter in term of getting responses. So don’t worry about the day. Focus on the mornings, instead.


3) When is the best time to ask for pay raise?

Looking for a increment in your pay? Ask your boss in the mid morning around 10-11 am, when he or she is  more open to the idea. Researchers from Harvard University, found that people are more likely to operate at a higher level of moral awareness and self-control in the morning. They call it as the “morning morality effect.” This could work in your favor when asking for a raise. Assuming you deserve it, your boss might be more likely to look at the merits of your request, Don’t ask for it or bring it up towards the end of the day as he or she will get mentally tired and tend to be less fair.


4) When is the best time for meetings and group discussions?

 Monday-morning meetings are a staple at many companies, but have you notice involvement and participation during this time is low. This is because, according to a study by an online scheduling service if you have a meeting at 9 a.m. on a Monday morning employees will need to prepare the day before which most people do not hence they turn up underprepared and if they’re not prepared, they won’t come up. Instead, hold in the meeting on Tuesday after lunch break at around 3pm- 4pm to get more participation and involvement  because Tuesday that is the furthest you can get from the deadlines at the end of the week without bumping into the missed deadlines from the week before and after lunch is works best because are fuel up and have more energy to engage and work their brain.


5) When is the best time for brainstorming?

If you’re a morning person, you might think you do your best work first thing in the day, but a study from Michigan State University found that when it comes to being creative, waiting until later in the day. Nights yields better results. Asking students to solve six different problems at various hours over the course of the day, the researchers found the best creative thinking was done when students were tired. So, if you are a night owl, you are very lucky. This is because physiological, creative thinking requires people to approach problems from a different angle. So, If you’re clear-headed, your mind will jump to the most logical solution. While it’s important to use your time of best focus for tasks that require concentration, a distracted and fatigued brain comes up with the most innovative ideas.


Lastly, Don’t Waste Your Time!

Every moment is precious whether at work or in personal life use time wisely! We still waste time because we’re creatures of habit. We’d rather not deal with the pain associated with taking massive action for fear of failure. What will everyone think? What will they say when they see you try and not reach whatever goal you’re trying to reach?

At the end of the day, results matter more than other people’s opinions. Life is short. Don’t waste it. Pursue your passions. Wake up feeling energetic and go out into the world and do something great. Add value. Give. Help. Contribute. Learn from others. And grow in the process. Become a better human, willing to serve your fellow man, giving to others even when you feel like you have nothing to give.

But even if you don’t contribute your time to others, don’t waste it. There is so much that we need to accomplish and so much that we need to achieve that wasting time doesn’t serve you. Anything that will zap your energy, will take away your time. So don’t engage in things that’ll make you feel depleted. Instead, direct the time towards good endeavors that will help you and others.