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The 4 Career Lessons I Have Learnt After Spending A Day With Cemetery Workers.

Disbelief is the first reaction when I told people I spent an entire day helping out cemetery workers in a graveyard in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Though, a day might not be long enough to understand the nuances of the job but regardless of what you may be thinking, working in a graveyard wasn’t creepy at all. After spending a day and speaking to the workers there, I’ve learned a number of important life lessons that I believe we all can carry throughout with us that can help us in both personal and professional life.

1. Empathy.

People visiting cemetery are usually experiencing their most broken moment, and quite possibly, the worst day of their lives. Whatever personal grievance you have would seem insignificant in comparison to their grief. For example, I notice  they were few visitors who were angry and frustrated with the service and the plot provided by the cemetery team. But the team were rather calm and handled the situation in a very unflustered manner. By showing compassion and understanding not only resolved problems faster but provided some relief to the family. 92% of employees polled said they’d be more likely to stay with a company if that company empathized their needs. So, clearly, empathy is a key driver in boosting productivity.

2. Dedication.

Whether you’re taking care of roughly 40 acres of plots or leading a the biggest trading firm, commitment is crucial to success. In that context, I’m not sure you’ll ever find more committed individuals than cemetery workers. They start work at 6 am and they had to dig 5-6 different plots in 32 degree heat, then turn around and manage the graveside services. They couldn’t  simply pitch their shovels to take a lunch break or rest their arms. It would have been unacceptable for a family to show up for a service without an open plot. They needto focus on their guests and relatives during their time of mourning.

3. Team Work.

Building a high-functioning team is not easy, but is crucial to a successful organization. While the initial instinct may be to hire people with the necessary skills, but the most aspect is hiring someone who fits the team culture. At the cemetery I was exposed to a solid and well built team.  Though, the group was small but they were a tight-knit bunch. They were extremely efficient because they were able to figure out the best way to work together to get the job done.

4. Positivity.

According a survey, 58% of working people said that work is the biggest source of stress to their life.  You can lessen this stress by embracing and learning new perspective. For example, each time you are stressed out think about those working in graveyard. They are surrounded by death every day but yet they enjoy their job. This is because they celebrate the past while encouraging hope and a look to the future.   FOR MORE FUN AND EXCITING ARTICLES DO CHECK OUT WMA