The 7 Colors Of Feng Shui To Improve Your Luck and Bring More Cash. | WMA 富道学院

The 7 Luckiest Colors Of 2019 To Improve Your Luck and Bring More Cash.

1.  Gold

Gold holds strong energy and has the power to make a fortune stable.

2. Black or Brown

These colors have a strong power to protect a certain fortune. It is suitable for people who want to accumulate steadily because they have been successful to some extent.

3. Green

Blue potentially holds the power to call back the money that has already left. It is said that it is a good colour for a faithful person working on a job steadily and seriously.

4. Blue

Calms down the feeling but dark blue may drain money and the fortune coming in with much trouble.

5. Pink- Brings Up Fortune.

It has the effect of bringing up a fortune, and potentially holds the power that facilitates human relations and brings up the money necessary to fulfil a dream and a goal.

6. Purple- For Success and  Promotion.

It holds the power to raise a status or an honour and is recommended for people who think that money comes later and want to improve their status for the first goal. 

7. White- Resets Luck In Money.

It potentially holds the power to accumulate a fortune and a purification action. It is recommended for the people who think that they want to change the luck in money up to now