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The Top 3 E-Commerce Site in Malaysia That ANYONE CAN JOIN and EARN BIG!

As an emerging market, Malaysia provides an abundance of business opportunities. The most obvious opportunity lies in e-commerce.

It is predicted that the e-commerce growth in Malaysia will reach 21% by 2020. But e-commerce isn’t the only opportunity available.

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Conventional business models like franchising and F&B are thriving too as young people prefer spending offline money on experiences rather than things.

Whether you want to participate in the growing digital era or take the traditional path, I have compiled 3 of the most lucrative business opportunities in Malaysia E-commerce sector:

1. Selling on Online Marketplaces

You can make money by listing products on online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, and more.

Selling on online marketplaces can be one of the lowest cost methods of starting a business. as all you need to do is create an account and get started.

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This is a good opportunity for people who want to get started selling physical products but don’t want to invest in their own e-commerce website yet.

However, many people selling on online marketplaces has competition not only from local sellers but also from sellers from China, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

2. Selling Freelance Services

You get paid by providing a service like writing, editing, programming, translating and so on. The payment will be based on an hourly rate or project based.

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Offering freelance services is one of the cheapest ways to make money since you don’t have to invest in anything.

The best part of being a freelancer is the flexibility and you are paid according to the work done. If you make enough, you can even take months off.

However it is unstable and jobs are not always guaranteed.

3. Letting out Spaces on Airbnb

If you already have existing property, you can easily Airbnb it out to people and the extra money will be yours.

If you don’t have a property of your own then you will need to add cost for rental, deposit etc.

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Bad things can too happen with Airbnb, as you are letting complete strangers into your property.

If you don’t take precautions like not putting items of high value in your home, you may end up with more losses than gains.


There you have it the top 3 business opportunities in Malaysia you can explore.

Although this is not the most comprehensive list but I believe these are ones that most people can take part in and make money from.

Regardless of which opportunity you decide to take part in, the most important thing is that you take action to test and discover for yourself which opportunity suits you best.

Know of any more business opportunities? Do share them in the comments section below! Don’t forget to like, share and follow my blog for more interesting articles and updates!

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