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Meet the Malaysian Female Entrepreneur Who Made Papers From Pineapple Waste.

She can so she did. Asna Nabihah shines a spotlight for all youth taking on the world of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. In an entrepreneurial sense, Malaysia is proudly taking lead even to western countries, especially when it comes to women. More and more women are starting up their own companies, with research done by United […]

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Rural Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia: What Drives Their Success?

This article is written based on research done by Nasina Mat Desa, a professor at University Sains Malaysia (USM), that examine the entrepreneurial characteristics that influence the success of rural women entrepreneur in business. Entrepreneurship is not a foreign field for women in Malaysia. In recent years, the number of women who enter the field […]

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Here’s How to Save the Planet and Make a Profit.

NASA recently learned Earth is experiencing its highest levels of carbon dioxide for the first time in roughly 4 million years. Let that sink in. Many of us will read such startling information and go on with our daily lives. But if we’re little conscious of our planet we’ll invest in saving it, if not […]

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Go Green: The 6 Most In-Demand Sustainability Jobs.

Sustainability is a hot career field, and within it are many specializations you can pursue, including business, energy, engineering and more. Which ones are the hottest sustainability jobs at the moment? Read below: 1. Sustainability Consultants. According to report, management, scientific and technical consulting services on sustainability will be the industry with the most new […]

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GO Green: What, How and Why Sustainable Business?

Sustainable business is a holistic view of doing business which places equal emphasis on the planet, people and profit. Corporate sustainability also has a strong social component. Factors like leadership, diversity, and low employee turnover all play an important part in sustainability rankings. Related: 8 of The Most Eco- Friendly Companies in Malaysia. You’ll often see […]

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The Top 5 Business Trends in Malaysia That Everyone Need TO KNOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL in 2019!

Moving forward into the year we’re expecting even more exciting things to happen in the field of startups and entrepreneurship in Malaysia. So below, I’ve listed down some of the trends expected to happen as we prepare to face the rest of 2019 with less doubt and suspense. Some of these predictions are more speculative […]

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Is Donating to a Fundraiser on Facebook Trustworthy? All Your Doubts About Facebook Fundraising Answered Here!

Most of us have doubt when it comes donating money to fundraisers on Facebook wondering if it is a scam, does the money actually go to the stated NGOs, why did Facebook started fundraising and more. So, here are the answers to clear off all your doubt. Similar article: Charity Starts From Facebook, Here Are […]

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The Top 3 Banks That Offers the Best Business Loans for Entrepreneurs to Grow in Malaysia.

The Top 3 Banks That Offers the Best Business Loans for Entrepreneurs to Grow in Malaysia. A business loan is specifically intended to set up a business or expand an existing one. As with all loans, a business loan also involves a debt creation, which is repaid with interest. Many Malaysian banks provide competitive business […]

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4 Reasons Why Live Streaming is the Best Strategy For Entrepreneurs to Build Their Brand.

4 Reasons Why Live Streaming is the Best Strategy for Entrepreneurs to Build Brand. As an entrepreneur, you have to produce moving content on a daily basis, and allocate a large advertising budget. The most promising strategy for that right now is live streaming. It has already gone mainstream in China, where it is set […]

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6 Major Business Lessons We Can Learn From McDonald’s

  Don’t think any other company can be a better example of business management at a massive scale then McDonald’s management. It is almost impossible to go down a street in any major city in the world today without spotting the iconic yellow logo set against a solid red background that represents McDonald’s. Whether you […]

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