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4 Hobbies That Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur.

4 Hobbies That Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur. Studies show that people who engage in hobbies, especially creative ones, perform better at work. Hobbies are highly personal and are based around your interests, but not everyone has a clear idea on where to start. So, here are four of the best hobbies that can […] Continue reading

The Ultimate 7 Success Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs.

Being a first-time entrepreneur can be challenging and nerve-wracking but also very exciting and rewarding. There is no end to the many financial, legal, staffing, marketing, and customer issues that will come up as you launch your business. But here are seven core tips to help you begin navigating the startup landscape: 1. Raise As […] Continue reading

The Top 3 Banks That Offers the Best Business Loans for Entrepreneurs to Grow in Malaysia.

The Top 3 Banks That Offers the Best Business Loans for Entrepreneurs to Grow in Malaysia. A business loan is specifically intended to set up a business or expand an existing one. As with all loans, a business loan also involves a debt creation, which is repaid with interest. Many Malaysian banks provide competitive business […] Continue reading

5 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Need A Business Plan to Be Successful in A Long Run

Many business owners think business plan as a tool for getting funding where in fact it is a straight road to your business’s future. So, let’s take a look at the obvious reasons why you must have a business plan and what they mean for your future success. 1. Business plans are a baseline for monitoring […] Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Live Streaming is the Best Strategy For Entrepreneurs to Build Their Brand.

4 Reasons Why Live Streaming is the Best Strategy for Entrepreneurs to Build Brand. As an entrepreneur, you have to produce moving content on a daily basis, and allocate a large advertising budget. The most promising strategy for that right now is live streaming. It has already gone mainstream in China, where it is set […] Continue reading

Here’s the 3 Simple Way To Turn Your Hobby Into Money.

A couple of days ago, I met a retired school teacher from Kuala Lumpur name Sirongan Sulaiman, 60, who has turned her hobby of hand weaving tapestry into an income generating business. On average, the mother-of-eight earns between RM 2,000 and RM 4,000 each month.  The money helps her to pay her children’s tuition and […] Continue reading

6 Major Business Lessons We Can Learn From McDonald’s

  Don’t think any other company can be a better example of business management at a massive scale then McDonald’s management. It is almost impossible to go down a street in any major city in the world today without spotting the iconic yellow logo set against a solid red background that represents McDonald’s. Whether you […] Continue reading

4 Hacks To Get More Followers and Likes on Instagram.

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is undeniably one of the most important social channels around the world! Whether you manage the page of a big corporation,  small business, or you’re using it to promote your own personal brand, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must. So, if you are  looking for […] Continue reading

5 Silly Branding Mistakes You Are Making.

When you think about great branding, Coca Cola’s distinctive red and white lettering, Nike’s swoosh and Adidas three stripes likely come to mind.   But as a small business, imagining the level of investment that’s gone into these iconic images can make the thought of undertaking your own branding initiative seem overwhelming. Worry not, it’s […] Continue reading

6 Major Challenges You Need to Overcome Before Starting A Business In Malaysia.

Although it is relatively easy to start a business in Malaysia, especially a small one, it’s nevertheless vital to know the preliminaries, advantages, limitations, and legalities involved in starting a business in this country. This article contains basic information to guide you as you delve deeper into this subject or to actually go ahead and […] Continue reading