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9 Simple and Realistic Ways To Make More Money Online.

 To be able to make money online would be an absolute dream come true! The crazy thing is, earning money online isn’t a pipe dream. Here’s another good news. The majority of online revenue strategies aren’t that complicated. Like any business venture, your online income takes time to grow. You need to be willing to […] Continue reading


面对上市公司高管们动用百万、甚至千万的薪酬,人们不禁产生这样一个疑问:上市公司高管们拿这么多钱合理吗?公司的业绩该与高管们的薪酬成正比吗? 1 公司成为高管的“提款机” 事实上,对于以上问题的追问并非是现在才开始的,早在上个世纪20年代就已有人开始研究。一份来自1925年的实证研究表明,企业高管报酬与企业业绩的直接 Continue reading

职场进阶 │12个细节让你快速提高职场EQ!

职场生活中,在面对复杂情形或困境时,我们经常会感觉手足无措,不懂如何聪明和得体的应对,这其实就是情商不足的表现。 情商(EQ)说起来好像很神秘,深不可测,其实不然。工作中在如下12个细节中,只要我们仔细观察,用心揣摩,注意自己的言谈举止,就会明显改善自己在职场中的生存环境,进入良性和快速发展轨道。 Continue reading

10 Ridiculous Myths About Entreprenuers Debunked!

THERE ARE LOTS of very wrong myths out there about entrepreneurs these days. It may be worthwhile for you to examine them before actually jumping into the field as it helps answering  whether starting a business is right for you!   Myth No.1: Entrepreneurs Are Born Many people, believe that entrepreneurs possess innate, genetic talents. […] Continue reading


谈到人才流失的原因,有一种流传甚广的“马云说法”,即一是钱没给到位,二是伤心了。 咋一听,谁都会想当然地认为是这个理。 我不这么想。 这个所谓“马云说法”,要么是马云说这几句话时,脑子给驴踢了下,没走心。要么是有些书呆子段子手想当然瞎编的,然后为了吸引流量借上马云的名号。 Continue reading


“您想做专家吗?一律从员工做起。” “您有时会感到公司没有真正的公平与公正。真正绝对的公平是没有的。”“草率的提议,对您是不负责任,也浪费了别人的时间。” 致新员工书任正非 1994年12月 您有幸进入了华为公司,我们也有幸获得了与您的合作,我们将在共同信任的基础上,度过您在公司工作的岁月。这种理解和信任是愉快 Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Malaysia Is The Best Place For Entrepreneurs To Launch Their Business

WHY MALAYSIA THOUGH, YOU MAY ASK?! Despite all the political and economical chaos that has happened and is happening in the country this year, the future’s looking bright. Statistically speaking, Malaysia is having a strong expanding economy, as The World Bank has forecast that the country’s economy will go steady at a GDP* rate of […] Continue reading


ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND CREATIVITY: THE FINE LINK BETWEEN CREATIVE MIND AND BUSINESS MIND In today’s world, due to globalization and excessive industrialization, products are manufactured and exported to international markets. As a result, everything is much easier to access. Leaving the consumers with an ingress to different kinds of products in  various type and quality. This leave […] Continue reading

The Secret to Be in Rich in Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s unveil the mystery behind your birthday and learn the art to make use of your destiny to bring fortune. ARIES, March 21st to April 19th You love taking risks hence you can be an incredible investor, gambler or entrepreneurs. You’ll make a well-deserved fortune by betting on something. The stock market is waiting for someone like […] Continue reading