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Scientifically Proven That Happy People Earn More Money.

It’s generally assumed that greater wealth leads to happiness but the opposite might be true: happiness leads to greater wealth, several studies support this. A research paper published by the Academy of Sciences of the United States of America found that adults who report higher life satisfaction earn significantly higher levels of income in life. […]

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Turn Your Passion Into A PROFITABLE CAREER. – Chat With Jason Lee, Malaysian Football Juggler.

Meet Jason Lee, a highly skilful football juggler and a pharmacy student in University Science Malaysia (USM) who is preaching out youngsters to focus on embracing their passion as a career path. At just 23, Jason has over 50 awards under his name. Notably a recognition from Malaysia’s Ministry of Sports in 2016. Yes, getting […]

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4 Simple Ways To Transform Your Workplace to A Happy Place.

A happy working environment attracts good people and helps people who work for you to do the best for your company. As long as the company strives, it is very important that employees see their daily lives and their colleagues who work with you in a positive way. Also read: The Secret to Creating A […]

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The Secret to Creating A Workplace That Employees Across the World Want to Work In.

Every boss wants to create a workplace where employees thrive. Not only does this benefit the company but also keeps the staff happy and productive. Given the entry of automation at the workplace, and the global economic, political and cultural change, the need for an effective, diverse workplace is increasing. But how do you create […]

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The Best 4 Ways to Build Trust In a Team.

A team without trust isn’t really a team.It’s just a group of individuals, working together, often making disappointing progress. They will not share information, will often battle over rights and responsibilities, and there won’t any cooperation with one another. Related: 5 Ways to Encourage Autonomy for An Enjoyable Workplace. But when trust is in place, […]

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5 Ways to Encourage Autonomy for An Enjoyable Workplace.

Autonomy is essential in building employee engagement. Without it, your workforce may become the “land of the working dead,” where the will be aimless zombie roaming around the office waiting to be told what to do next.   Not an enjoyable workplace for employees nor management, by any stretch. Related: Here’s How You Can Work […]

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The Best and Most Practical Way to Increase Transparency Across Organization.

Have you ever experienced following situations in your company: Searching for information or trying to find a responsible person usually takes longer than 10 minutes. You are waiting for an email reply for a long time to be able to continue working on your task. You often search for the necessary documents in email attachments. […]

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Why DO MILLENNIALS Change Jobs So Often and How To Keep Them?

With younger candidates feeling more confident enough to ditch interviews, the onus is on employers to retain their workers. More than a quarter of the world’s population are millennials. By 2025, people born between 1980 and 2000, will comprise three-quarter of the global workforce. Related: 4 Types of Co- Worker: Which One is You and How to […]

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Here’s How You Can Work Hard, Play Hard and Get Amazing Results!

Ever noticed the how Googlers, Apple’s Geniuses and other big companies have got the ‘work hard, play hard’ thing all figured out while you scream inwardly: “Where on earth do they find the time?!” They are nailing their targets, they come to work and leave with a smile. They even got time be doing pilates […]

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