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Why is Training Necessary for Employees?

Training plays an important role in developing a productive workforce and finely tuning processes to increase profits. Training also helps people and organizations manage change. Because organizations are continuously changing techniques, goals, equipment, people, and locations, all members of the workforce require training to support these changes. Related: Why Knowledge Is Important To The Success […] Continue reading

Here’s How You Can Work Hard, Play Hard and Get Amazing Results!

Ever noticed the how Googlers, Apple’s Geniuses and other big companies have got the ‘work hard, play hard’ thing all figured out while you scream inwardly: “Where on earth do they find the time?!” They are nailing their targets, they come to work and leave with a smile. They even got time be doing pilates […] Continue reading


30 岁还没有走到管理岗的人,后来都做了什么? 很多年轻人在做职业规划时,都将升职加薪晋升高管,作为自己的职业发展目标。殊不知做管理层并不是职场提升的唯一路径。 职场架构是金字塔状,能走到尖端的是少数人。但即使是没有走上管理职位的职场白领,他们也可以过得很好。 1 未来将是超级个体时代 首先,让我们用事实说 Continue reading


从1987年至今,Kingston已经走过31年的风风雨雨,31年前的商业世界和今天的商业世界已经发生了天翻地覆的变化,Kingston却像是一位优雅的绅士,步履稳重、踏实,并且一直向前。或许它很早就触到了人性最底层的那一面,所以对金士顿来说,最好的管理就是没有管理。 Continue reading