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Did You Know In Malaysia You Can Be Sued For Leaving The Company’s WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp is probably the most common, effective way to communicate these days. But sometimes, having too many conversations or WhatsApp groups can affect your quality of life as well. It’s a common trend now, for companies to create WhatsApp groups among employers and employees. However, one can’t deny that this can sometimes get pretty overwhelming, […]

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Research Shows Women Perform Better in Warmer Workplace.

Published on 22 May in academic journal PLOS One, a study looked at the differences in the effect of temperature on cognitive performance by gender. “People invest a lot in making sure their workers are comfortable and highly productive,” lead author of the study Tom Chang said in a press statement by the University of Southern California. “This […]

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8 Short and Interesting Fact You Should Know About Thaipusam!!

Thaipusam is only two days away, and many devotees have begun flocking to temples to offer their prayers. In line with the special day, here I  present you with eight facts about Thaipusam that you may not otherwise know about.. Related: The 4 Major Do’s And Don’ts at Thaipusam This Year! 1.Thaipusam actually derives from […]

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Charity Starts From Facebook, Here Are The 4 Simple Reasons Why?!

“Where there are charity and wisdom there is neither fear nor ignorance” Quote by St. Francis of Assisi Have you ever been criticised or labelled as an “attention seeker” for posting or sharing too many charitable agendas on Facebook? “Don’t need to show-off lah!” is what they often hear in contrary to “wah! so generous!” […]

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2019 Love Life Predictions for YOUR Zodiac Sign.

The New Year kicked off on January 1 with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Scorpio. Astrologers believe these celestial movements, coupled with the inner machinations of the solar system, will have a profound effect on your personal, professional and love life this year. Find out how the different astrological aspects will have […]

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Science Explain What Your Habits Say About Your Personality.

We can define personality as “the outer appearance and behavior of a person.” Habits generally reveal themselves right there in those outward behaviors. For this reason, we can be sure our collection of habits forms a large chunk of our personality. With that said, consider what the following habits may reveal about you. Similar article: […]

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6 Of The Funniest Things Malaysian Politicians Said In 2018.

Below I present 6 of the most ridiculous quotes imparted by Malaysian politicians that raised millions of eyebrows and whiplash at the incredulity of the words spoken this year: 1. “I must be greater than Trump” – Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Fugitive financier Jho Low accused the Prime Minister of “putting words into the mouth” of the […]

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Malaysia? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Just a couple of days ago, Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalise marijuana for medical purposes. Thailand now joins a number of countries such as Colombia, Israel, Denmark, Britain, and certain U.S. states who have legalized the use of marijuana for medical and research purposes. This has spark question on where […]

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