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Did You Know In Malaysia You Can Be Sued For Leaving The Company’s WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp is probably the most common, effective way to communicate these days. But sometimes, having too many conversations or WhatsApp groups can affect your quality of life as well. It’s a common trend now, for companies to create WhatsApp groups among employers and employees. However, one can’t deny that this can sometimes get pretty overwhelming, […]

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Here’s How You Can Eat Healthy and Economical.

The food you eat is what makes you. This is a bonafide statement. However, the comestible choices we make today are high in synthetic, fats and chemical. This is has led to shorter average life span and more to prone to dietary diseases. Based on the 2018 World Health Organization (WHO) ranking, the average life […]

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6 Surprising Ways Money Affects Your Love Life.

How comfortable are you with talking about money with your significant other? If you’re not then your relationship could be heading for disaster. One of the signs of a healthy relationship is the ability to recognize the significance of money without letting it overwhelm what’s most important: love and trust. Also read: 2019 Love Life […]

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We all love money but we pay such little attention to money that we almost ended up bankrupt and in foreclosure. It is certainly a sobering experience and I vowed nobody has to confront it again. So this Valentine’s Day, if you’re struggling with debt, I’d like you to make a commitment to fall in […]

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Don’t Use These 7 Words In Your Resumé.

One recent study showed that recruiters spend only 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s résumé before deciding whether he or she is fit for a job. That’s hardly any time to impress someone who could determine your employment future. The words you choose to use in your resumé must pique the employer’s curiosity to read […]

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The 3 Simple Guide To Stick To A Budget Without Going Broke Every Month!

Budgeting is the core of personal finance. Done right, it’s the most powerful system to bring people to financial security. Yet, many people have trouble creating budgets and sticking to them. Related: What Is A Financial Plan, And Why Every Adult Needs One! So, here’s the ultimate guide to monthly budgeting. 1. Automate the most […]

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