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Surprising Ways Music Can Improve Your Productivity! [Infographic]

Being productive at the office can sometimes be a challenge — especially if you’re easily distracted by the smallest things. To stay on track, you might try prioritizing your work, limiting the number of browsers you have open, working in a quiet place, or even turning on do not disturb in Slack or on your […]

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To Be Your Most Productive, You Need to Set the Right Goals!

Many business owners begin the week with good intentions, then fall into a pattern of slipping behind. Soon, they’re ending every day feeling even more overwhelmed than the last. The outcome generally involves too much stress on the individual and unnecessary strain on the business, too. So, here’s how you can develop more self-awareness in […]

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4 Effective Ways to Deal With Pressure.

Dealing with pressure is something we all must do daily. Pressure pushes us and places demands on our physical, mental and emotional well-being that can feel, well, less than ideal. We all must learn to perform under pressure to be not only successful but effective. After all, the pressure is such a natural occurrence that […]

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3 Profitable Businesses That You Can Do After Work To Increase Income.

Are you currently working in a company, getting a regular monthly salary? Not bad. But deep inside, there’s always the feeling that we should be earning more than our current salary. There struggle though is we all want to earn more money but don’t want to quit our full-time job. Too much risk. The Secret […]

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Turn Your Passion Into A PROFITABLE CAREER. – Chat With Jason Lee, Malaysian Football Juggler.

Meet Jason Lee, a highly skilful football juggler and a pharmacy student in University Science Malaysia (USM) who is preaching out youngsters to focus on embracing their passion as a career path. At just 23, Jason has over 50 awards under his name. Notably a recognition from Malaysia’s Ministry of Sports in 2016. Yes, getting […]

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5 Main Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Need a Business Mentor.

Your friends, family and even casual acquaintances can provide you with a steady flow of information regarding the current affairs in your fields, the new developments, and opportunities. However, only a business mentor can truly share wisdom with you on an ongoing basis, and in a manner that can have a direct positive impact on […]

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Why Knowledge Is Important To The Success Of Your Business?

All businesses have access to an extensive pool of knowledge – whether this is their understanding of customers’ needs and the business environment or the skills and experience of staff. The way a business gathers, shares and exploits this knowledge can be central to its ability to develop successfully. Related: Why is Training Necessary for Employees? […]

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