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3 Main Reasons Why Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished in Malaysia.

The new Government plans to abolish the death penalty for all crimes and halt the 1200 pending executions.

Though, the decision are welcomed by many advocates and foreign diplomats but human rights advocates, in most cases, are only armchair critics in this country.

When the innocent become victims of horrendous crimes, it’s only fair that the criminals are not let off the hook.

For example, the recent case of a toddler who died because of a sexual assault is a clear example that death penalty should be retained. 


1. Malaysian law need to be tough on crime to reduce crime rate.

In United Nations 2018 report, Malaysia was ranked in the top 15 out of 118 countries in the world crime index.

The general crime index in the country is relatively high at 64.15. What does this say about our nation?

Plus, security describes serious crimes such as assaults and robbery involving weapons as fairly common in Malaysia.

With the escalating number of serious crimes in the country, it is worrying if no significant measures are taken.

2.  The criminal justice system in Malaysia is fair enough.

Nobody has been handed the death penalty without first undergoing a lengthy trial in accordance with the law provided by the constitution.

It’s only after a fair trial, when evidence against offenders is beyond any reasonable doubt, that those found guilty of serious crimes are sentenced to death.

Not that criminals are not cautioned that committing certain crimes can lead to the death penalty.

If they still dare commit such crimes, then they should be held responsible and made to face the law.

Hardcore criminals should not be allowed to rear their ugly heads.

It is the rights of peace-loving people that should be the priority in any society.

3. Sends the wrong signal to those who have the predisposition to commit horrible crimes.

It is true that even with the threat of the death penalty, violent crimes are still committed.

But what if the country abolishes the death penalty?

Hell will break loose, and more criminals will dare to commit serious crimes.

Sparing the lives of hardcore criminals for humanitarian reasons will only cause more misery for others.

It will see an escalation of serious crimes in our society, further impairing the nation.


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