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Are You Worried About Climate Change? If Not, Here is Why You Should.

Climate change is real. Let’s not go far for the prove.

In Malaysia, people are now looking at the sky constantly to anticipate whether it is going to rain.

Heavy rainfall has been causing floods in Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and many other states in Malaysia.

There has been an increase in rainfall for most parts of the country in from 2012- to now compared to 1970-1999.

How Climate Change Affect Us?

The global temperature increase has led to changes in weather including major wind patterns, amount and intensity of precipitation, and increased the frequency of severe storms and weather extremes, according to the paper, Malaysia Climate Change Scenarios.

In Malaysia since the 1980s, there had been an increasing number of days of extreme rainfall events, extreme wind events and annual thunderstorm days, added the paper.

Unfortunately, the situation will worsen. A study predicted that millions of more people will be affected by river flooding as global warming increases severe rainfall in the next 20 years.

In Asia, the most affected region, people at risk from floods will rise to 156 million from the present 70 million in the next 20 years.

Global warming increases the risk of flooding because rain during an extreme downpour increases exponentially” as temperatures rise

So, What Can We All Do Help Fight Climate Change?

Malaysia is one of the countries that is already being affected by heavier rainfall and extensive river flooding so immediate action has to be taken to sustain the resources.

Here what can be done:

1. Keep our rivers clean.

One of the biggest reason for flooding in Malaysia is because there is no proper urban drainage system.

Excess rainwater which is suppose to be pumped back into the ponds and rivers are stuck midway because of the dump that is being trapped in the pipe.

Hence, flood mitigation measures must be increased, including strengthening river banks, desilting, widening and deepening rivers which can help improve urban drainage and redirect excess water smoothly into ponds and rivers.

2. Stop destroying our green forests.

According to the United Nations, the rate of deforestation in Malaysia is accelerating faster than that of any other tropical country in the world.

This lead to the loss of the forests’ valuable roles in soil and water retention and climate regulation.

It is really short-sighted and irrational to damage and destroys forests, especially forest reserves and water catchment areas.

Exposed soils are swept by rain into rivers, clogging up streams and drains with mud and causing floods downstream in the towns and villages, while also depriving us of much-needed water supply.

3. Make eco-friendly government policies.

Federal, state and local governments should give priority to environmental rehabilitation of damaged forests and hills, prevent damage to the coastal ecosystem including mangroves, and take comprehensive flood prevention and mitigation measures.

They should stop approving environmentally harmful projects in ecologically sensitive areas.

They must make major financial allocations to protect and rehabilitate the environment, and implement finance measures to prevent and manage the floods.

4. Take action, little things make a huge difference.

Everything we do matters, and if we don’t STOP the practices that past generations have put in place, our planet truly is doomed.

Read about climate changes, find out how you can help and spread the words around especially to children.

All it takes is a little research to find out the horrifying truths about how little is being done about climate change, pollution, waste, and bad practices.

Pick a cause to be mad about, and do something.

It’s our planet at stake and nothing will help more than individuals caring about what is going on

Turning a blind eye to species who are becoming extinct, environments being destroyed, and destructive practices staying in place will not fix it.

It will expedite the trip to those terrifying and heartbreaking ends.


DO something now! Like so many scientists are warning, and as more and more local communities and citizen groups are demanding, the time to act on the environment is now. Let us hope that in 2019 these calls will be heeded.