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Charity Starts From Facebook, Here Are The 4 Simple Reasons Why?!

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“Where there are charity and wisdom there is neither fear nor ignorance”

Quote by St. Francis of Assisi

Have you ever been criticised or labelled as an “attention seeker” for posting or sharing too many charitable agendas on Facebook?

“Don’t need to show-off lah!” is what they often hear in contrary to “wah! so generous!”   

It has become a norm to criticise social activists attention or wanting to be noticed.

Such feckless assumptions make a huge impact on the confidence level of the activists trying to help the less fortunate.

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So, why do fundraisers and NGOs use Facebook to collect fund?

1) Helps to reach out to more people.

Facebook’s brisk competence in reaching the general public makes it the most condign platform in educating about social causes.

When engaging in charitable activities it is very crucial that community the fund is raised for is getting major attention so that continuous aid is provided.

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In order to keep the flow of the aid consistent, activists use Facebook as a tool to provide information such as how to reach out to those communities, what are their needs and so on.

Plus, when the activists  post up the information on their Facebook page there is a high chance it will be shared by others which widens the reach of the good cause than their own circle.

2) Easy to access by everyone.

Facebook is accessible to all group of people which makes it the easiest platform to pass message around.

Fundraisers use Facebook marketing to promote the causes they stand for with intentions to provide relief and aid to the unprivileged communities.

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Though most people have the intentions to help but they just do not have time to visit or virtually organise a charity.

Thus, through Facebook, they too can reach out to the activists and contribute funds and other necessities.

3. Increases popularity and credibility.

Today, the definition of credibility of NGOs are through what the society and the general public comment beneath your description or post  on Facebook.

Hence, the more popular you are on Facebook, the easier is it to build trust among people, which is why many big NGOs such as UNICEF use Facebook to promote their causes.

In this context, if your friends  have the assurance on your service or have worked hand-in-hand with you and are satisfied, will indubitably recommend it to their group of friends.

With a sufficient group of people charity and social services becomes very much airy.

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4.  Create more awareness.

Everyone is on Facebook because of today’s hectic lifestyle hence most information are gained from the internet.

Hence advertising charitable activities on social media is the best choice than the local dailies

Studies show 97% of the world NGOs use Facebook to promote general awareness, to communicate with the audiences and raise fund from donors.

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So, What’s Next?

Whether one is doing it for a purpose of being noticed or to genuinely help, both purposes ante the need of being benevolent.

When others see the good cause you believe in they too would be influenced to contribute, as that what’s Facebook is meant to do.

Promoting charitable causes is also a better way of using Facebook than just a medium to share memes and play games.

By aiding the less fortunate regardless of how big or small the contribution is still better than nothing.

So,  Start Promoting and Sharing Charitable Causes on Your Facebook Now.

Do you want to be part of a group of people who are actively involved  doing so many good things that are making a huge difference in our community?

A little of your time, money and hell lots of heart will be more than enough!
For further details on how you can help check out this page or contact, +60166318768

Written by: Thigambarshini Edited by: Kavitha Manimaharan

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