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Durians Are a Threat to Our Beloved Malayan Tigers. Here’s How.

To satisfy the rising demand for durians in China, land in Pahang, Malaysia is being cleared out and foliage is being burnt to make space for durian farming.

How Does This Pose a Threat To our Beloved Malayan Tigers?

Those areas are marked as a confirmed habitat for the critically endangered Malayan tigers, of which there is less than 300 in the wild currently.  Pahang Forestry Department’s director Datuk Mohd Hizamri Mohd Yasin confirmed the area was being cleared for ‘Musang king’ farming by the state government. Dr Mohd Hizamri also disclosed that another nearby plot measuring 161.88 hectare  had been issued a logging license. However, he insisted that both plots of land involved were outside the forest reserve area. According to environmental group Peka, the degazettement of the land was legal, and a second phase will see 809 hectare being cleared.

Did You Know, Wildlife Crime Is The Fourth Most Lucrative Illegal Business In The World?

It is likely that we will have fewer than 250 Malayan tigers due to poaching. The Malayan tiger proudly flanks the Jata Negara as a representation of strength and courage. Losing the Malayan tiger means losing Malaysia’s symbol of national pride and identity. WWF-Malaysia believes we can save Malayan tigers. Nepal recently announced its success in doubling tiger numbers. It also achieved 365 days of zero poaching for rhinos, elephants and tigers Last year, Perak made history by becoming the first in Southeast Asia to register Royal Belum State Park for Conservation Assured Tiger Standards, which is an accreditation scheme that encourages tiger conservation areas to meet a set of standards and criteria to ensure effective and long-term tiger conservation. The state committed to achieving zero poaching by 2020 at the High-Level Dialogue on Enhancing Tiger Conservation Efforts as well as at the Royal Belum-WWF Conservation Summit in November last year.

What You Can Do to Help Save Our Tigers.

The demand needs to stop and the supply has to be cut off. The former will take time but the latter can be done now by putting more boots on the ground, especially with support from law enforcement agencies. By practising intolerance to wildlife crimes, we can protect our Malayan tigers for generations to come. We can ensure their survival if we act now. The Malayan tiger must be made a national priority. You too can join in the efforts to save the Malayan tiger  by donating, volunteering or just reading and spreading news and awareness about the importance of tigers to our planet. Check MYCAT and  WWF- MALAYSIA for more information.   SUGGESTION AND RECOMMENDATION: FOR MORE INTERESTING NEWS AND ARTICLES ON THE LATEST HAPPENING IN THE COUNTRY DO LIKE AND FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.  AND PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION.