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NASA Can Save Tony Stark?!

After watching the Avengers: Endgame fans seem to be taking the safety of Tony Stark/Iron Man very seriously as he is left all alone in outer space with barely any food, water and oxygen! Fans were furious for the safety of Mr Stark and even called NASA out to rescue Mr Stark. The official Twitter for the agency has been hounded with quite a lot of tweets in recent days, asking them to divert their resources to save Tony Stark, who could be seen drifting in space on the brink of death in the first Endgame trailer. Here are some of the example of fans tweets: This is what NASA tweeted back: Now, the agency has responded back to those requests, hinting at what they would theoretically do to try to save Tony. What do you think of NASA‘s response to Tony Stark’s situation? And how do you hope Tony might be rescued in Endgame? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below Also, if NASA can help save IronMan we can help save your wealth. Wanna know how? Click the link.