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The 4 Major Do’s And Don’ts at Thaipusam This Year!

Did you know that Thaipusam is celebrated in Malaysia on a grander scale than in India?

Thousand of people dressed in yellow will be visiting Batu Caves to climb up the iconic newly colored 272 steps on Thaipusam

Apart from Hindu devotees many locals and foreigners too, visit Batu Caves on Thaipusam and are often left speechless seeing the amount of people, pojaas and more.

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But do people know what is Thaipusam and the things that you should do and shouldn’t do on that auspicious day?

Here’s to help you out on that, I have compiled a list of dos & don’ts for Thaipusam this year, for both worshippers and visitors alike.

What is Thaipusam?

It is a festival celebrated to honour the occasion where Goddess Parvati bestows Lord Murugan with a spear (Vel)  so he could vanquish the evil demon, Soorapadman.

It’s the classic good triumphs over evil story.

On the eve of Thaipusam, there will be a chariot procession where the deity, Lord Muruga, is brought through the city with thousands of devotees behind Him.

1) Don’t litter, obviously!

Clean-up affair used to be a monumental task but last year there was a significant decrease in the number of trash littered thanks to placing rubbish bins every 200 metres.

We remain optimistic that this year, it would only be better, with more people utilising the bins and keeping the temple grounds clean.

Do clean up after yourself, or if you see an empty plastic bottle on the floor, help lah to pick to it up and throw it in the bin.

The cleaners will thank you and Lord Muruga will love you more!

2) Do grab a free meal and drink!

Many NGOs and spiritual bodies will be serving food to the masses, at no cost.

Feel free to grab a packet of the scrumptious vegetarian fare served!

Food served at temples somehow has a reputation for tasting delicious in spite of being a simple repast.

There will also be numerous companies offering complimentary drinks to keep everyone hydrated.

Make sure to try our favourite South Indian yogurt based spicy drink, MORU!!

3) Don’t threaten to spray paint women!

Last year, a group caused a stir when they issued a threat to women who dressed ‘indecently’ to the temple and they would spray paint on the women’s exposed parts.

The threat was unnecessary, because women know what to wear and where to wear them.

Having said that, do be mindful of what you wear (guys, you too!) to the temple because every temple has its own dress code.

It’s an auspicious day and a religious festival, so respect is of utmost importance.

4) Do take public transport.

KTM  train stops a stone throw away from the Batu Caves temple entrance.

This not only makes it easier for people from Tanjung Malim, Gemas and Port Klang to reach the temple, it’s also a chance to try out the MRT and the LRT extension!

Plus, who could be bothered to park by the side of the highway?

KTM Berhad announced last week that their trains will be operating up to 5.30am. There’s no better time for you to take the train.

So, why not go Batu Caves and  join the crowd and chant “Vel, vel!”

Be blessed with an amazing cultural experience like no other but remember be rational, mindful and have a great time!

Wishing our a very HAPPY THAIPUSAM, AND HAPPY HOLIDAY to the rest!

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