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5 Wonderful Ways To Celebrate Christmas In KL.

It is the season to be merry!

That’s right, time to end the year with a bang and spread some cheer!

Here are some of the glorious things you can do with your loved ones this holiday season!

1.  Do A Generous Act.

It is the season of giving and what’s better to give out than to help others in need!

There are a few ways that you can help the others during this season.

For example, you can head down to any bookstore or grocery store and buy stuff for the underprivileged community in your area.

Apart from that, there are many organisations that you reach out to help others.

You can check out SPCA to help our four-legged friends. Agathians Shelter, and Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Association, to help the children in need.

Pick a charity and help out now.

2. Decorate A Christmas Tree.

Bring the magic home and decorate a Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are simply magical, with colourful ornaments, and bright lights.

Adding a star on top of the tree simply feels very satisfying.

There are many great stores around Kuala Lumpur that sell Christmas ornaments.

Hunt for the perfect ornaments at your nearest shopping mall.

3. Take Photographs With Christmas Trees & Santa Claus.

Christmas trees in shopping malls are always extravagant and they will look super cute on your Instagram.

It will also serve as an inspiration to aid you with decorating your very own Christmas tree.

Check out my The Top 5 Malls In KL With The Most Impressive Christmas Decorations to find the best Christmas tree your grams.

4. Watch A Christmas Movie.

Nothing kick starts the Christmas spirit quite like a Christmas movie!

Choose between GSC, TGV, and MBO! The Grinch is now showing.

Apart from that, you can watch other Christmas movies on Netflix!

Tune into the iconic How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, Dear Santa, and many more! These films will surely put you in the best mood.

5.  Organize A Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

To bring the Christmas spirit to work, start a Secret Santa in the office!

Write down everyone’s name in pieces of paper and place it into a Christmas hat. Mix it up, and let everyone pick a name from the Christmas hat!

Don’t tell anyone the name! The person is now responsible to buy a Christmas gift for the name selected.

This is a fun way to keep the Christmas spirit going.

That’s the end for of my 10 Wonderful Ways To Celebrate Christmas In Kuala Lumpur. What are you most excited to do this Christmas?

Do you any better idea? We would love to hear about your Christmas traditions as well! Let us know in the comments!

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Advanced Christmas wishes to everyone 🙂