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6 Ways To Celebrate A Eco- Friendly and Safe Diwali For All.

      Diwali is a festival that signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. However, in the recent years, extravagant celebrations has put a great strain on the environment, people health and animals too suffer from anxiety attacks. It’s now the time we celebrated Diwali responsibly with minimal environmental consequences. Here are a few ways to ensure that this year’s Diwali is a smokeless, noiseless and safe experience for all!

1. Opt For Eco-Friendly Crackers That Are Made From Recycled Paper.

Firecrackers made from recycled items.

Firecrackers leave the city hazy, noisy and littered with waste the next morning, the best way to celebrate Diwali is to go firecracker-free. The pollutants associated with firecrackers make it difficult to breathe and are linked to many respiratory problems as well. The loud noises and blinding flashes also give severe anxiety attacks to animals and birds. If you still insist go for eco-friendly crackers. The noise produced by these crackers is also within the decibel limits set by the Central Pollution Control Board.

2. Reduce The Consumption Of Electricity.

Lamps made out of clays and ghee.

Substitute candles and electric lamps with the good old oil lamps that are biodegradable, cost-effective, traditional and very beautiful. Wheat dough, orange peels, coconut shells and seashells are some great options for DIY lamps. If you would rather have electric lighting anyway, opt for LED lights.

3. Decorate The House With Lots Of Greens Instead Of Plastics.

Floral decorations

Kitchen herbs, feng shui plants, air purifying plants, bonsai, terrariums make great eco-conscious decoration. They are pretty and add more positivity to your surrounding. Also, remember to pack your gifts in newspapers instead of shiny plastic wraps. After all, gifting anything that supports the green cause is always special!

4. Make Your ‘Rangolis’ With Rice Instead Of Artificial Colors.

Kolams made out of rice flours.

In the olden days, ‘kolam’ were made to feed the birds. This Diwali, go back to doing that. It’s a great way of sharing food with the creatures around us, like small birds and ants. Use flowers like chrysanthemums, roses, lotus and leaves to give the finishing touches to your rangolis and kolams. Biodegradable is the new cool.

5. Use Biodegradable Utensils Instead Of Plastic Disposable In Your Open Houses.

Classic Diwali meal served in banana leaf and metal utensils.

Also, if you are organising a Diwali party at home, use earthenware and metal instead of plastic disposable. Welcome drinks and alcohol can be served in metal tumblers or wine glass Lunch and dinner can be served on banana leaves or bamboo leaf plates like the good old days. These are great ways to give an eco-friendly twist to your party!

6.  Celebrate With Utmost Sensitivity and Care For All Kind.

Lastly, living in a multinational country it is important to be rational and considerate to others feelings. Hence, please be sensitive to your fellow neighbors and friends. Too much noise pollution can be harmful for everyone, especially senior citizens and animals. For those not celebrating Diwali, also please be considerate and enjoy the festival of lights together.   Spread happiness this Diwali and celebrate this beautiful festival joyously with your loved ones and keep them and yourself safe.   FOR MORE INTERESTING AND FUN ARTICLES DO FOLLOW WMA.