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The Six Food Items That Cannot Be Overpriced This Christmas.

Yesterday, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has listed 6 types of goods under the Festive Season Price Control Scheme in conjunction with the Christmas celebrations.

The Ministry said the scheme would be implemented from Dec 23 to Dec 27 under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011.

Here is the list of the 6 items you need to know:

1. Chicken

The number good on the price-controlled goods list was chicken.

Includes live chicken, standard chicken, super chicken, matured live chicken, chicken wings and imported turkey.

2. Mutton

Mutton is generally overpriced and the prices hike up especially during festive season.

Hence local boned mutton, imported boned mutton and lamb are all under price control list as said in the statement.

3. Eggs

Other items included in the list are chicken eggs.

Which includes all grades of eggs from grade A to grade C eggs.

4. Tomato

Tomato is normally more pricey than other vegetables because, in order to grow it up, strong lights are needed.

They are always plants in the greenhouse, which will add the cost of growing, and that is why it is more expensive than other vegetables.

But this Christmas, their prices should stay the same as it was priced before.

5. Green Capsicum

Capsicum is another commonly used ingredient cooking for Christmas dinner.

Which is why it also made the cut to the watch list.

6. Pork

Last but not least is pork, which is another commonly used meat in Christmas cooking.

Live pigs, pork belly, stomach as well as pork meat and fat are all in the list

However, the maximum price for live pigs and pork is only set in Sabah, Labuan and Sarawak.

So, What’s Next?

Traders are obliged to sell the controlled price items with prices that do not exceed the maximum pricing set by the government and to put their own price tag.

The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry will conduct checks to ensure that there is adequate supply and to ensure that the market price is reasonable.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s enforcement officers will be at public markets, morning markets and farmers markets to conduct checks.

Traders caught selling the controlled items above the prices set by government can be fined up to RM100,000 or imprisonment of not more than three years or both, or compounded up to RM50,000.

Companies which sell the controlled items above the maximum prices set can be fined up to RM500,000 or compounded up to RM250,000.

What to Do is Someone Fail to Obey the Rule?

Simple, complain!

Any public complaints on traders who failed to adhere to the scheme can be channelled to the Malaysia Government Call Centre at 03-80008000.

Email to

Or WhatsApp to 019-2794319.

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