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Travel Smarter and Save More With These 7 Insider Tips.

If you are someone who loves traveling but rather go thirty than lavish, here some of the things that I’ve learnt while  traveling more than 20 countries, which can help you  to get more stamps in your passport while still keeping your budget intact.

1. Check one-way flights.

This can help you save a substantial amount of money over booking round-trip flights. Plus, it gives you the ability to choose different airlines for each leg of the trip­ which provide greater flexibility to travel plans.

2. Keep an eye on the fluctuating exchange rates.

Seek out countries where the currency has recently dropped against your local currency. You can keep a track of currency rate online or in newspaper before you book as currency stories change all the time. Also, order your currency in advance to get the best deal. This way you’ll also avoid the high commission at the airport exchange desk.

3. Consider flights with a stopover.

If you’re not in a rush to reach your destination, search for indirect routes that are often a cheaper option. You can also save a lot by flying out and back with different airlines or from different airports. Sometimes, it  may be cheaper to fly from an airport slightly further away despite the cost of a train or bus ticket to reach the airport.

4. Try avoid withdrawing money from local ATM.

Withdrawing money abroad can cost lots of extra charges. Although using a debit card can be cheaper than a credit card, be aware as most banks will still charge you for each cash withdrawal on top of a commission fee. To avoid this, take out larger sums so you’re charged less frequently.

5. Don’t stay in the city centre.

If your hotel room has a view of the Eiffel Tower chances are it’s going to be tiny and extremely overpriced. So, opt for hotels outside the city limits where you can still enjoy all the attractions during the day but get to retreat to a quieter and cheaper location to rest your head at night.

6. Eat like a local.

This is a common one but indulging in local street food does not just save money but you’re likely to eatdo far better. From $1 bowl of noodle in Taiwan to backstreet Irish bistro, they have often been the most pleasurable experience. So, try to find street food to savour, no matter where you’re off to. I you’re planning on cooking go get the groceries from the local markets.

7. And shop like a local. 

Give those touristy souvenir shops a wide berth especially at the airport, which is ridiculously overpriced.   Instead, seek out markets and off-high-street stores that are actually patronised by the people who live there. Try bargaining if the culture allows, but don’t push it too far.   FOR MORE INTERESTING AND EXCITING ARTICLE CHECK OUT OUR MAIN PAGE. DO LIKE, FOLLOW AND SHARE 🙂