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I don’t believe in selling the DREAM to people, things like living in a mansion because you made it big in the stock markets, with a front porch littered with luxury cars……

Instead, I’ll show you a case study about investing in the US Stock Markets, and you be the judge if it’s worth your while.

Here’s a case about Facebook

Let’s assume you had the foresight and had bought Facebook shares when it went public in May 2012 at US$40. With the price in July 2017 of around US$150, your compounded return will be 30% per annum over the last 5 years! See the chart below:

Let’s not forget the additional money you would have made on the Ringgit depreciation. In May 2012, the Malaysian Ringgit was trading at 3.20 against the US$ and today it’s around 4.30. That’s an additional compounded return of 6.3% per annum! This will give a fantastic combined return of over 35% per annum compounded! This is just one simple example of the type of returns you can make investing in the US stock market.

In the last few years, if you had not done anything to diversify some of your investments out of Malaysia, you have been poorer by 6.3% per annum over the past 5 years or approximately 31.5%! Isn’t it surprising that when we Malaysian travel overseas, even to our neighbouring countries like Thailand, our money doesn’t get us very far.

That’s some great returns (30% per annum), but why should I opt for American stocks instead of local ones?

Very simple, America is home to the largest stock market in the world.

To put their scale in perspective, the capitalization of just 4 companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon out of the 5,000 listed companies will far exceed the entire market capitalization of the Malaysian stock market which comprises of around 800 companies. This just means more opportunities to run into great companies, even tech giants from China like Alibaba, that’s listed in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

Also, you’ll require less startup capital. You’re allowed to purchase only 1 unit on the US Stock Market as opposed to a minimal of 100 shares unit on Bursa Malaysia. Even with the consideration of currency value, the startup risk of the US Market is still lower.

I implore you to go do some research to verify if what was said here is right, don’t just take my words for it!

Ok, cool…. What now?

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 Dr. Raj, Surgeon

Thank you for an excellent course. It was very informative and a good learning experience. The practical aspect was really good as it put into action what we had learned during the weekend. Thank you very much!


Mr. SP Choo, Telco Engineer

There are plenty of opportunities in US stock market where a lot of good performance companies that are doing well and share price also performs well that can help us to grow our wealth. Also, we can work together to profit together as we can share and advise each other on the opportunities spotted.


Ms Saw SY, Entrepreneur

Great program to let beginner learn how to invest in US Stock Market & ETF. In this program, you can learn different strategies & find the best strategy that suits you in stock investment.

Why Should You Join This Course?

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    You get to achieve financial freedom in just 5 – 10 years, compared to those who are doing it for at least 30 years to achieve the same thing.
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    Learn to enjoy return from your investment regardless of the condition of the market: bullish or bearish. You can be the gainer all the time!
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    Improve your investment knowledge and skills faster by at least 3 – 5 years.

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  • Enthusiastic newbies who seek to learn the basics about investment and be an expert under the shortest amount of time.
  • Employed executives or business owners who have little time to learn all about investment.
  • Those who are planning a retirement life.
  • Investors who wish to get the most out of their investments at a low risk.

Who Is The Speaker

Milan Doshi, is the Best-Selling Author “How You Can Get Rich from the Property and Stock Markets” and “How You Can Become a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor!”. Milan has been running programs on personal money management, property and stock market since 1998. He has spoken to over 50,000 people and has over 3,000 graduates.

Milan’s mission is to “Inspire People to Improve Their Financial Intelligence and Achieve their Full Potential”. Over the years, he has helped thousands of his seminar graduates discover their Unique Investment Profiles and Make Money through Smart Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies.

As a seasoned speaker and expert on investing with over 25 years of both good and bad experiences, Milan will completely change your Mindset towards Money and Investments… and put You on a Stronger Financial Footing. His talks are humorous, down to earth and easy for everyone to grasp complex investment terms.

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  • Independent Financial Trainer
  • Property and Stock Investor
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Best-Selling Author & Renowned Speaker
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