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5 Foods That Will Make You Dumb.

We’ve have heard about food that can make you smart, strong and such but have you ever thought about foods that make you dumber?

Researchers at Oxford University, have found that there are certain foods that can actually make you less smart.

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High consumption of these foods may affect your memory, mood and nervous system, such as your neuromuscular response time.

So, read the following list of ‘dumb foods’ so that you know which foods to avoid.


Yeap, next time when you are off to movie you might want to cut these fellas out.

This is because popcorns have a large amount of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the same material which is found in kitchen pots and pans to ensure it doesn’t rust.

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Some studies have linked the property of this acid to infertility, weight gain, and impaired learning.

In fact, butter-flavoured popcorns are always laced with diacetyl (DA), a chemical that has been found to break down the layer of cells that protects our brain.


When it comes to our health, we all know that excess of sugar isn’t exactly sweet.

New research indicates that more sugar than recommended may take a toll on your brain as well.

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High consumption of sugar affects your memory and your ability to learn.

Too much sugar in your blood restricts your brain cells’ use of insulin to break down sugar which aids in processing thoughts and emotions.

This leads to a decrease in brain activity.


A recent study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that chewing gum during memorising something impaired participants’ short-term memories.

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The researchers believe the act of chewing may get in the way of concentrating on memory tasks.


Though tofu is generally regarded as a healthy food but consuming a large quantity of it can be harmful.

A research was done and its results show that those who consumed a lot of tofu were more at risk of memory loss.


Alcohol, in general, is injurious to health but it does more damage to your brain to you knew.

So, say no to alcohol because consumption of alcohol lowers your ability to think clearly and to recall information.

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If you can’t recall the names of common items or you are not able to differentiate between your dreams and reality, then you are likely a heavy alcohol user and need to stop it ASAP.


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