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5 Smart Ideas to Help You Save More Money When Shopping.

There’s the stuff you need and then there’s the stuff you want. And then there’s the stuff you didn’t even know you wanted, but you’re out killing time at the mall and before you know it, you’ve forked over your hard-earned dough. I know you can’t just put your credit card back in its holster but worry not as I am here to help you save money when shopping. Use these 5 tips to keep more cash in your pocket on your next shopping trip:

1. Don’t Be Seduced by Sales.

Novice shoppers will sometimes buy something they don’t need just because it’s super cheap. Cheap or not, there’s no use spending any amount of money on something you’ll never use. Leave the store and come back only if you’re sure you want it the next day.

2. Save Your Receipts.

Don’t remove clothing tags or take your new goodies out of the box until you’re ready to use them. Give yourself lots of chances to change your mind even after you’ve made your purchases.

3. Only Bring the Cash You Need.

You can’t spend money you don’t have. Before you go out, put a small amount of cash in your wallet to cover all the purchasing you plan on doing. If the cash runs out, your shopping spree done for the day. It’s hard, but it is all about the self-control!

4. When in Doubt, Leave the Store.

On the fence about whether or not to buy something? Put it down and leave the store. If you decide later that you really want it, you can go back and buy it tomorrow. Chances are, you’ll be happy you saved your money.

5. Before You Buy It, Make It.

You can save a lot of money by staying out of the stores and doing things yourself. Want some jean shorts? Turn a pair of old jeans into cutoffs. Want to decorate your room with some band posters? Draw, paint, or collage one. Mom’s birthday coming up? Make her something instead of buying it. FOR MORE INTERESTING AND EXCITING ARTICLES DO CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE AND FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. WMA.