Here’s How You Can Eat Healthy and Economical.

The food you eat is what makes you. This is a bonafide statement.

However, the comestible choices we make today are high in synthetic, fats and chemical.

This is has led to shorter average life span and more to prone to dietary diseases.

Based on the 2018 World Health Organization (WHO) ranking, the average life expectancy for a  Malaysian male is 73 and female 77 and the average total life expectancy is 75.

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Which gives Malaysia 71st rank in the overall world’s life expectancy ranking. 

The biggest disease that kills lives here in Malaysia is diabetes.

Others diseases are colon-rectum and stomach, pancreas cancer, coronary heart diseases and more.

In a country of diversity, indulging is definitely inevitable.

Malaysia is the land of food however, it is crucial to understand the leading cause of death is induced by wrong choices of what goes into our system.

Making healthy food choices should not just be an option instead it should be a lifestyle for a long and healthier life.

When it comes to making healthy choices, most Malaysians tend to moan about the cost of eating clean.

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People have this perception that healthy meals as “costly”.

Though, yes it is true, organic groceries and vegan based products are more expensive than unhealthy meals which is often seen as more  “economical”.

So, below we have listed some of the healthiest comestibles that are also cheap and has astonishing nurtional benefits.

1. Spinach

This green here is rich in vitamin K.

Vitamin C is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that the human body requires to complete synthesis of certain proteins that are prerequisites for blood coagulation.

It also provides enough nutrient that the human body for controlling binding of calcium in bones and other tissues.

Plus, spinach also reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

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Apart from Vitamin C, spinach also provides immune-boosting vitamin A and vitamin C.

Lastly, spinach has the ability to reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage, which helps prevent chronic diseases.

2. Moringa

Also known as the drumstick tree, moringa leaves can be seen all over in Malaysia and has incredible health benefits.

Moringa is very rich with powerful antioxidant that can help lower blood pressure.

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Its leaves are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that are immune to sugar and fat  hence helps reduce sugar level in blood and regulate cholesterol level in body that causes heart diseases.

It also works as a superb anti inflammatory compared to many other fruits and vegetables.

3. Raddish

Radish is often seen as the unfavourable delicacy but these high in fibre white fellas are filled with a host of benefits such as from from guarding the heart to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Plus, they are high in Vitamin C, folic acid, and flavonoids which helps to control blood pressure.

The root of radish can be boiled into a fragrant tea that cleanses our stomach and detoxifies the system.

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Radish is also known to control the damage to our red blood cells, and in the process also increases oxygen supply to the blood.

If consumed on a daily minimal intake, without going overboard, radish provides the system with ample roughage and fibers, therefore improving the digestion.

It also regulates bile production, safeguards the liver and the gallbladder, and is great for taking care of water retention.

Live Longer Both Healthy and Wealthy.

Food is the fuel to the body thus choose to eat well even in the right portion. We have to be cautious about what goes into the system to ensure a better and healthier life.

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Written by: Thigambarishini.

Edited By: Kavitha Manimaharan

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